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Handbook of Neutron Optics

Handbook of Neutron Optics

Masahiko Utsuro, Vladimir K. Ignatovich

ISBN: 978-3-527-40885-6 March 2010 610 Pages


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Written by authors with an international reputation, acknowledged expertise and teaching experience, this is the most up-to-date resource on the field. The text is clearly structured throughout so as to be readily accessible, and begins by looking at scattering of a scalar particle by one-dimensional systems. The second section deals with the scattering of neutrons with spin in one-dimensional potentials, while the third treats dynamical diffraction in three-dimensional periodic media. The final two sections conclude with incoherent and small angle scattering, and some problems of quantum mechanics.
With its treatment of the theories, experiments and applications involved in neutron optics, this relevant reading for nuclear physicists and materials scientists alike.
1. Scattering of a scalar particle by one-dimensional systems
2. Scattering of neutrons with spin in one dimensional potentials
3. Dynamical diffraction in three dimensional periodic media
4. Disordered media - incoherent and small angle scattering
5. Scattering theory, and some problems of quantum mechanics