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Handbook of Nitride Semiconductors and Devices, Volume 2, Electronic and Optical Processes in Nitrides



Handbook of Nitride Semiconductors and Devices, Volume 2, Electronic and Optical Processes in Nitrides

Hadis Morkoç

ISBN: 978-3-527-62842-1 July 2009 883 Pages


The three volumes of this handbook treat the fundamentals, technology and nanotechnology of nitride semiconductors with an extraordinary clarity and depth. They present all the necessary basics of semiconductor and device physics and engineering together with an extensive reference section. Volume 2 addresses the electrical and optical properties of nitride materials. It includes semiconductor metal contacts, impurity and carrier concentrations, and carrier transport in semiconductors.

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1. Metal Contacts to GaN and Processing.

1.1. A Primer for Semiconductor-Metal Contacts.

1.2. Current Flow in Metal-Semiconductor Junctions.

1.3. GaN Schottky  Barriers for High-Voltage Rectifiers.

1.4. Ohmic Contact Resistance.

1.5. Determination of the Contact Resistivity.

1.6. Ohmic Contacts to GaN.

1.7. Structural Analysis of Ohmic Contacts on GaN.

1.8. Etching Techniques for III Nitrides.

1.9. Implant Isolation.

1.10. Process Damage.

2. Determination of Impurity and Carrier Concentrations.

2.1. Impurity Binding Energy.

2.2. Conductivity Type: Hot Probe and Hall Measurements.

2.3. Semiconductor Statistics, Density of States, and Carrier Concentration.

2.4. Capacitance-Voltage Measurements.

3. Carrier Transport.

3.1. Prelude.

3.2. Carrier Scattering.

3.3. Calculated Mobility of GaN.

3.4. Scattering at High Fields.

3.5. Measurements of Mobility and Associated Fundamentals.

3.6. Multiband Effects and Mixed Conductivity.

3.7. van der Pauw Method.

3.8. Quantum Hall Effect - Shubnikov-de Hass.

3.9. Measured Mobility in n-type GaN.

3.10. Measurement of High-Field Telectron Velocity in n-type GaN.

3.11. Carrier transport in p-Type GaN.

3.12. Carrier Transport in InN.

3.13. Carrier Transport in A1N.

3.14. Transport in Unintentionally Doped and High-Resistivity GaN.

3.15. Carrier Transport in Alloys.

3.16. Two-Dimensional transport in n-Type GaN.

3.17. Interface Roughness Scattering.

3.18. Quantum Transport in AlGaN/GaN 2 DEG.

3.19. Observations.

4. The p-n Junction.

4.1. Heterojunctions.

4.2. Band Discontinuities.

4.3. Electrostatic Characteristics of p-n Heterojunctions.

4.4. Current-Voltage Characteristics of p-n Junctions.

4.5. I-V Characteristics of Ideal GaN-Based p-n Junctions.

4.6. I-V Characteristics of GaN-Based p-n Junctions.

4.7. High-Voltage Blocking GaN and AlGaN-Based p-n Junctions.

5. Optical Processes in Semiconductors and Optical Properties of Nitride Semiconductors and Heterostructures.

5.1. Basics of Photoluminescence.

5.2. Band-to-Band Transitions.

5.3. Optical Transitions in GaN.

5.4. Group-II Element Related Transitions.

5.5. Blue Luminescence Band in Undoped GaN.

5.6. Surface-Related Blue Luminescence in Etched GaN.

5.7. Optical Properties of GaN Doped with Rare Earths.

5.8. Optical Properties of Alloys.

5.9. Optical Properties of Nitride Heterostructures.

5.10. Quantum Dots.

5.11. Intraband or Intersubband Transitions in GaN/AlGaN Quantum Wells.

5.12. Nonlinear Optical Properties of III-Nitrides.