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Handbook of Olfaction and Gustation, 3rd Edition



Handbook of Olfaction and Gustation, 3rd Edition

Richard L. Doty

ISBN: 978-1-118-96936-6 May 2015 Wiley-Blackwell 1240 Pages


The largest collection of basic, clinical, and applied knowledge on the chemical senses ever compiled in one volume, the third edition of Handbook of Olfaction and Gustation encompass recent developments in all fields of chemosensory science, particularly the most recent advances in neurobiology, neuroscience, molecular biology, and modern functional imaging techniques. Divided into five main sections, the text covers the senses of smell and taste as well as sensory integration, industrial applications, and other chemosensory systems. This is essential reading for clinicians and academic researchers interested in basic and applied chemosensory perception.

Foreword xi
Gordon M. Shepherd

Preface xiii
Richard L. Doty

Contributors xv

Part 1 General Introduction

1 Introduction and Historical Perspective 3
Richard L. Doty

Part 2 Olfaction
Olfactory Anatomy and Neurobiology

2 Anatomy of the Nasal Passages in Mammals 39
Timothy D. Smith, Thomas P. Eiting, and Kunwar P. Bhatnagar

3 Olfactory Mucosa: Composition, Enzymatic Localization, and Metabolism 63
Xinxin Ding and Fang Xie

4 Development, Morphology, and Functional Anatomy of the Olfactory Epithelium 93
John C. Dennis, Shelly Aono, Vitaly J. Vodyanoy, and Edward E. Morrison

5 Olfactory Receptor Function 109
Keiichi Yoshikawa and Kazushige Touhara

6 Odorant Receptor Gene Regulation 123
Akio Tsuboi and Hitoshi Sakano

7 Neurogenesis in the Adult Olfactory Epithelium 133
Alan Mackay-Sim, James St John, and James E. Schwob

8 Anatomy and Neurobiology of the Main and Accessory Olfactory Bulbs 157
Matthew Ennis and Timothy E. Holy

9 Adult Neurogenesis in the Subventricular Zone and Migration to the Olfactory Bulb 183
John W. Cave and Harriet Baker

10 Cortical Olfactory Anatomy and Physiology 209
Donald A. Wilson, Julie Chapuis, and Regina M. Sullivan

Part 3 Human Olfactory Measurement, Physiology, and Development

11 Psychophysical Measurement of Human Olfactory Function 227
Richard L. Doty and David G. Laing

12 Electrophysiological Measurement of Olfactory Function 261
Allen Osman and Jonathan Silas

13 Structural and Functional Imaging of the Human Olfactory System 279
Jay A. Gottfried

14 Prenatal and Postnatal Human Olfactory Development: Influences on Cognition and Behavior 305
Benoist Schaal

15 Olfactory Memory 337
Theresa L. White, Per Møller, E. P. Köster, Howard Eichenbaum, and Christiane Linster

Part 4 Clinical Applications and Perspectives

16 Nasal Patency and the Aerodynamics of Nasal Airflow in Relation to Olfactory Function 355
Kai Zhao and Richard E. Frye

17 Clinical Disorders of Olfaction 375
Richard L. Doty

18 Odor Perception and Neuropathology in Neurodegenerative Diseases and Schizophrenia 403
Richard L. Doty, Christopher H. Hawkes, Kimberley P. Good, and John E. Duda

19 The Olfactory System as a Route of Delivery for Agents to the Brain and Circulation 453
Mary Beth Genter, Mansi Krishan, and Rui Daniel Prediger

20 Influence of Toxins on Olfactory Function and their Potential Association with Neurodegenerative Disease 485
Lilian Calderón-Garcidueñas

Part 5 Olfaction in Nonhuman Forms

21 Microbial Chemical Sensing 513
Judith Van Houten

22 Olfaction in Insects 531
Paul Szyszka and C. Giovanni Galizia

23 Olfaction in Aquatic Vertebrates 547
Keith B. Tierney

24 The Chemistry of Avian Odors: An Introduction to Best Practices 565
Gabrielle A. Nevitt and Paola A. Prada

25 Olfactory Communication in Rodents in Natural and Semi-Natural Habitats 579
Daniel W. Wesson

26 Olfaction in the Order Carnivora: Family Canidae 591
Peter Hepper and Deborah Wells

27 Olfaction in Nonhuman Primates 605
Matthias Laska and Laura Teresa Hernandez Salazar

Part 6 Gustation
Taste Anatomy and Neurobiology

28 The Role of Saliva in Taste Transduction 625
Ryuji Matsuo and Guy H. Carpenter

29 Anatomy of the Tongue and Taste Buds 637
Martin Witt and Klaus Reutter

30 Chemical Modulators of Taste 665
John A. DeSimone, Grant E. Dubois, and Vijay Lyall

31 The Molecular Basis of Gustatory Transduction 685
Steven D. Munger and Wolfgang Meyerhof

32 Central Taste Anatomy and Physiology of Rodents and Primates 701
Thomas C. Pritchard and Patricia M. Di Lorenzo

33 Development of the Taste System 727
Robin F. Krimm, Shoba Thirumangalathu, and Linda A. Barlow

Part 7 Human Taste Measurement, Physiology, and Development

34 Psychophysical Measures of Human Oral Sensation 751
Derek J. Snyder, Charles A. Sims, and Linda M. Bartoshuk

35 Mapping Brain Activity in Response to Taste Stimulation 775
Dana M. Small and Annick Faurion

36 The Ontogeny of Taste Perception and Preference Throughout Childhood 795
Catherine A. Forestell and Julie A. Mennella

Part 8 Clinical Applications and Perspectives

37 Nutritional Implications of Taste and Smell Dysfunction 831
Janice Lee, Robin M. Tucker, Sze Yen Tan, Cordelia A. Running, Joshua B. Jones, and Richard D. Mattes

38 Conditioned Taste Aversions 865
Kathleen C. Chambers

39 Clinical Disorders Affecting Taste: An Update 887
Steven M. Bromley and Richard L. Doty

40 Influence of Drugs on Taste Function 911
Susan S. Schiffman

Part 9 Taste in Nonhuman Species

41 Taste Processing in Insects 929
John I. Glendinning

42 Taste in Aquatic Vertebrates 947
Toshiaki J. Hara

43 Comparative Taste Biology with Special Focus on Birds and Reptiles 957
Hannah M. Rowland, M. Rockwell Parker, Peihua Jiang, Danielle R. Reed, and Gary K. Beauchamp

44 Functional Organization of the Gustatory System in Macaques 983
Thomas C. Pritchard and Thomas R. Scott

Part 10 Central Integration of Olfaction, Taste, and the Other Senses

45 Chemosensory Integration and the Perception of Flavor 1007
John Prescott and Richard Stevenson

46 Neural Integration of Taste, Smell, Oral Texture, and Visual Modalities 1027
Edmund T. Rolls

Part 11 Industrial Applications and Perspectives

47 Olfaction and Taste in the Food and Beverage Industries 1051
Graham A. Bell and Wendy V. Parr

48 Olfaction and Gustation in the Flavor and Fragrance Industries 1067
Benjamin Mattei, Arnaud Montet, and Matthias H. Tabert

49 The Smell and Taste of Public Drinking Water 1079
Gary A. Burlingame and Richard L. Doty

Part 12 Other Chemosensory Systems

50 Trigeminal Chemesthesis 1091
J. Enrique Cometto-Mu˜niz and Christopher Simons

51 The Vomeronasal Organ 1113
Lisa Stowers and Marc Spehr

52 The Septal Organ, Grueneberg Ganglion, and Terminal Nerve 1133
Minghong Ma, Joerg Fleischer, Heinz Breer, and Heather Eisthen

Author Index 1151

Subject Index 1197