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Handbook of Oligo- and Polythiophenes

Handbook of Oligo- and Polythiophenes

Denis Fichou (Editor)

ISBN: 978-3-527-61171-3

Dec 2007

24 pages

Select type: O-Book


This first concise handbook on this important new class of organic conducting materials gives a broad survey over this emerging field of research.
The physical background is covered as well as the synthesis, electronic and nonlinear optical properties and applications of these advanced materials. This information will be of high value for graduate students, researchers and practitioners working in the interdisciplinary field of materials science, polymer and organic chemistry and applied physics.
Chemistry of Polythiophenes (R. McCullough)
Electronic Properties of Polythiophenes (S. Hotta)
Chemistry of Oligothiophenes (P. Bäuerle)
Oligothiophene Thin Films and Crystals (D. Fichou)
Transport Phenomena in Semiconducting Oligothiophenes (G. Horowitz)
Theoretical Models of Oligo- and Polythiophenes (J.-L. Brédas)
Nonlinear Optical Properties of Poly- and Oligothiophenes (C. Taliani)
Applications of Poly- and Oligothiophenes (F. Garnier)