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Handbook of Optical Systems, Volume 2: Physical Image Formation

Handbook of Optical Systems, Volume 2: Physical Image Formation

Wolfgang Singer (Editor), Michael Totzeck (Editor), Herbert Gross (Editor)

ISBN: 978-3-527-60692-4

May 2006

714 pages



The state-of-the-art full-colored handbook gives a comprehensive introduction to the principles and the practice of calculation, layout, and understanding of optical systems and lens design. Written by reputed industrial experts in the field, this text introduces the user to the basic properties of optical systems, aberration theory, classification and characterization of systems, advanced simulation models, measuring of system quality and manufacturing issues.
In this Volume

Volume 2 continues the introduction given in volume 1 with the more advanced texts about the foundations of image formation. Emphasis is placed on an intuitive while theoretically exact presentation. More than 400 color graphs and selected references on the end of each chapter support this undertaking.
From the contents:
 17 Wave equation
 18 Diffraction
 19 Interference and coherence
 20 Imaging
 21 Imaging with partial coherence
 22 Three dimensional imaging
 23 Polarization
 24 Polarization and optical imaging
 A1 Mathematical appendix

Other Volumes

Volume 1: Fundamentals of Technical Optics
Volume 3: Aberration Theory and Correction of Optical Systems
Volume 4: Survey of Optical Instruments
Volume 5: Advanced Physical Optics



17. The Wave Equation.

18. Scalar Diffraction.

19. Interference and Coherence.

20. The Geometrical Optical Description and Incoherent Imaging.

21. The Abbe Theory of Imaging.

22. Coherence Theory of Optical Imaging.

23. Three Dimensional Imaging.

24. Image Examples of Selected Objects.

25. Special System Examples and Applications.

26. Polarization.

27. Vector Diffraction.

28. Polarization and Optical Imaging.

A1. Mathematical Appendix.

""We simply have not seen any other reference on the market that touches upon these areas in such comprehensive terms."" (Electric Review, September/October 2006)

""…a compendium of information that would be of interest to optical engineering, physicists and others."" (American Reference Books Annual, 2006)