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Handbook of Optical Systems, Volume 5: Metrology of Optical Components and Systems

Handbook of Optical Systems, Volume 5: Metrology of Optical Components and Systems

Bernd D¿rband (Editor), Henriette M¿ller (Editor), Herbert Gross (Editor)

ISBN: 978-3-527-69923-0 September 2015 1004 Pages


The state-of-the-art full-colored handbook gives a comprehensive introduction to the principles and the practice of calculation, layout, and understanding of optical systems and lens design. Written by reputed industrial experts in the field, this text introduces the user to the basic properties of optical systems, aberration theory, classification and characterization of systems, advanced simulation models, measuring of system quality and manufacturing issues.

In this Volume

Volume 5 topics comprise the methods of measuring the properties of optical systems. The different fundamental techniques, such as propagation measurement and polarimetry, are introduced and discussed in detail and clarity. The presentation allows the reader, after having devised an optical system, to perform the measurements best suited to ascertain that the system fulfills the specific needs and requirements. The following chapters provide a survey on materials, coatings and surfaces of optical components, and combine this with a treatment of light and radiation. The book thus serves as a one-stop reference for metrology of optical systems.

Other Volumes

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Volume 5: Metrology of Optical Components and Systems

46 Interferometry
47 Wavefront Sensing
48 Radiometry, Photometry and Spectroscopy
49 Image Analysis
50 Distance Metrology
51 Polarimetry
52 Optical Components and Subassemblies
53 Testing the Quality of Optical Materials
54 Testing the Geometry of Optical Components
55 Testing the Quality of Coatings
56 Testing the Quality of Optical Systems