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Handbook of Photosensory Receptors



Handbook of Photosensory Receptors

Winslow R. Briggs (Editor), John L. Spudich (Editor)

ISBN: 978-3-527-60485-2 March 2006 496 Pages


This first complete resource on photosensory receptors from bacteria, plants and animals compiles the data on all known classes of photoreceptors, creating a must-have reference for students and researchers for many years to come. Among the editors are the current and a former president of the American Society for Photobiology.
Microbial Rhodopsins: Phylogenetic and Functional Diversity

Sensory Rhodopsin Signaling in Green Flagellate Algae

Visual Pigments as Photoreceptor

Structural and Functional Aspects of the Mammalian Rod Cell Photoreceptor Rhodopsin

A Novel Light-Sensing Pathway in the eye: Conserved Features of Inner Retinal Photoreception in Rodents, Man, and Teleost Fish

The Phytochromes

Phytochrome Signaling

Phytochromes in Microorganisms

Light-Activated Intracellular Movement of Phytochrome

Plant Cryptochromes: Their Genes, Biochemistry, and Physiological Roles

Plant Cryptochromes and Signaling

Animal Cryptochromes

Blue-Light Sensing and Signaling by the Phototropins

LOV-Domain Photochemistry

LOV-Domain Structure, Dynamics, and Diversity

The Zeitlupe Family of Putative Photoreceptors

Photoreceptor Gene Families in Lower Plants

Neurospora Photoreceptors

Photoactive Yellow Protein, THE Xanthopsin

Hypericin-Like Photoreceptors

The Antirepressor AppA Uses the Novel Flavin-Binding BLUF domain as a Blue-Light-Absorbing Photoreceptor to Control Photosystem Synthesis

Discovery, Characterization, and Prospect of Photoactivated Adenylyl Cyclase (PAC), a Novel Blue-Light Receptor Flavoprotein from Euglena gracilis
"…a nice, broad overview and will be a must for researchers in photobiology, as well as for university libraries." (The Quarterly Review of Biology, December 2006)