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Handbook of Play Therapy, 2nd Edition

Kevin J. O'Connor, Charles E. Schaefer, Lisa D. Braverman

ISBN: 978-1-118-85983-4 November 2015 720 Pages


A complete, comprehensive play therapy resource for mental health professionals

Handbook of Play Therapy is the one-stop resource for play therapists with coverage of all major aspects written by experts in the field. This edition consolidates the coverage of both previous volumes into one book, updated to reflect the newest findings and practices of the field.

Useful for new and experienced practitioners alike, this guide provides a comprehensive introduction and overview of play therapy including, theory and technique, special populations, nontraditional settings, professional and contemporary issues. Edited by the founders of the field, each chapter is written by well-known and respected academics and practitioners in each topic area and includes research, assessment, strategies, and clinical application. This guide covers all areas required for credentialing from the Association for Play Therapy, making it uniquely qualified as the one resource for certification preparation.

  • Learn the core theories and techniques of play therapy
  • Apply play therapy to special populations and in nontraditional settings
  • Understand the history and emerging issues in the field
  • Explore the research and evidence base, clinical applications, and more

Psychologists, counselors, marriage and family therapists, social workers, and psychiatric nurses regularly utilize play therapy techniques to facilitate more productive sessions and promote better outcomes for patients. Handbook of Play Therapy provides the deep, practical understanding needed to incorporate these techniques into practice.

Preface xi

About the Editors xiii

Contributors xv

Part 1: Introduction

1 An Introduction to the Field of Play Therapy 3
John W. Seymour

2 The History of Play Therapy 17
Jane L. Johnson

3 The Therapeutic Powers of Play 35
Athena A. Drewes and Charles E. Schaefer

Part 2: Core Theories

4 Psychoanalytic and Jungian Play Therapy 63
Audrey F. Punnett

5 Child-Centered Play Therapy 93
Geri Glover and Garry L. Landreth

6 Cognitive-Behavioral Play Therapy 119
Susan M. Knell

7 Filial Therapy 135
Risë VanFleet and Glade L. Topham

8 Theraplay®: Creating Secure and Joyful Attachment Relationships 165
Phyllis B. Booth and Marlo L.-R. Winstead

9 Ecosystemic Play Therapy 195
Kevin J. O’Connor

10 Prescriptive Play Therapy 227
Charles E. Schaefer and Athena A. Drewes

Part 3: Core Techniques

11 Sandtray/Sandplay Therapy 243
Linda E. Homeyer

12 Metaphors and Stories in Play Therapy 259
Pat Pernicano

13 Expressive Arts in Play Therapy 277
Julia Gentleman Byers

14 Using Drama in Play Therapy 289
Steve Harvey

15 Board Games in Play Therapy 309
Jessica Stone

Part 4: Applications for Special Populations

16 Play Therapy Across the Life Span: Infants, Children, Adolescents, and Adults 327
Heidi Gerard Kaduson

17 Parent–Child Interaction Therapy With Children With Disruptive Behavior Disorders 343
Lauren Borduin Quetsch, Nancy Wallace, Meredith Norman, Ria Travers, and Cheryl McNeil

18 DIR®/Floortime™: A Developmental/Relational Play Therapy Approach Toward the Treatment of Children With Developmental Delays, Including Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and Sensory Processing Challenges 357
Esther B. Hess

19 Play Therapy With Children With Attachment Problems 381
Sarah C. Patton and Helen E. Benedict

20 Play Therapy With Children With Disabilities 397
Karla D. Carmichael

21 Play Therapy With Survivors of Interpersonal Trauma: Overcoming Abuse and Crime 417
Charles Edwin Myers

22 Play Therapy With Children Experiencing Medical Illness and Trauma 437
Laura Nabors and Jessica Kichler

23 Play Therapy and Crisis InterventionWith Children Experiencing Disasters 455
Jennifer N. Baggerly

Part 5: Play Therapy in Nontraditional Settings

24 Play Therapy in Medical Settings 473
Kristin S. Bemis

25 Play Therapy in Schools 485
Kristi L. Perryman

26 Play Therapy and the Legal System 505
Daniel S. Sweeney

Part 6: Professional Issues

27 Ethics in Play Therapy 523
Cynthia A. Reynolds

28 Limit-Setting in Play Therapy 539
Allan M. Gonsher

29 Play Therapy Supervision 549
Jodi Ann Mullen

Part 7: Contemporary Issues

30 Play Therapy Research: Issues for 21st Century Progress 563
Janine Shelby, Ruth Ellingsen, and Charles E. Schaefer

31 Neuroscience and Play Therapy: The Neurobiologically-Informed Play Therapist 583
Edward F. Hudspeth and Kimberly Matthews

32 Issues of Culture and Diversity in Play Therapy 599
Eliana Gil and Lexie Pfeifer

33 Technology in the Playroom 613
Kevin B. Hull

Part 8: Research

34 Methodologies Suited to the Study of Play Therapy 631
Dee C. Ray and Hayley L. Stulmaker

35 The Empirical Support for Play Therapy: Strengths and Limitations 651
Sue C. Bratton

Author Index 669

Subject Index 681