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Handbook of Public Services Management

Handbook of Public Services Management

Christopher Pollitt (Editor), Stephen Harrison (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-631-19345-6

Jan 1994, Wiley-Blackwell

316 pages

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The Handbook of Public Services Management brings together twenty leading contributors to cover all the key issues affecting public services management. It is organized in a practical way to help students and professionals approach strategic issues.
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Part I: Evaluating Public Services. .

1. Evaluating the Performance of Central Government: John Brown.

2. Assessing the Performance of Schools: Brian Wilcox.

3. Evaluating Health Services: from Value for Money to the Valuing of Health Services: Andrew F. Long.

4. The Audit Commission: Mary Henkel.

5. An Overview of the Use of Performance Indicators in Local Government: David Burningham.

Evaluating Public Services: Reflections: Stephen Harrison and Christopher Pollitt.

Part II: Controlling Public Service Professionals. .

6. Controlling Doctors: Brain Edwards.

7. The Case of Local Authority Social Workers: Alan Butler.

8. The Management of Staff: the Case of the London Fire Brigade: Graham Salaman.

Controlling Public Service Professionals: Reflections: Stephen Harrison and Christopher Pollitt.

Part III: New Approaches to Resource Management. .

9. Local Management of Schools; a New System of Resource Allocation and Accountability: Rosalind Levacic.

10. Resource Management in Universities: John Sizer.

11. The Civil Service and The Financial Management Initiatives: Andrew Grey and Bill Jenkins.

12. Changes in Resource Management in the Social Services: Norman Warner.

13. Resource Management in the National Health Service: David Symes.

14. New Approaches to Resource Management: Reflections. Stephen Harrison and Christopher Pollitt.

Part IV: Strategic Management.

15. Organizational Design and Development: the Civil Service in the 1980s: Kate Jenkins.

16. Organizing the Strategic Management: the Personal social Services: Gerald Wistow.

17. Strategic Management in Local Government and the NHS: Rodney Brooke.

18. The Organizational Structure of the Police: Roy Wilkie.

19. Strategic Management in the Prison Service: Chris J. Train and Christine Stewart.

20. Strategic Management in Social Service: Norman Tutt, Jean Neale and William Warburton.

21. Strategic Management: Reflections: Stephen Harris and Christopher Pollitt.

"A welcome and timely continuation ... the breadth and choice of examples provide a solid sense of the major developments of the last 13 years across the public sector." MR and AMA News

"Highly recommended." Asian Journal of Public Administration.