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Handbook of Radical Polymerization

Handbook of Radical Polymerization

Krzysztof Matyjaszewski, Thomas P. Davis

ISBN: 978-0-471-46157-9

Apr 2003

936 pages



(Co)polymers prepared via free radical mechanism, together with polyolefins, comprise the largest portion of the commodity plastics industry and are also used for preparation of many specialty materials. Handbook of Radical Polymerization provides a concise source of information on mechanisms, synthetic techniques, and characterization methods and addresses future trends for polymers made by free radical intermediates.

A one-stop, at-your-fingertips source of information for students, researchers, technologists, and industrial managers, the Handbook functions as a single reference of the conventional and controlled/living radical polymerization methods. Two expert editors collect and present historical background of the technique, basic information regarding various free radical polymerization systems, and state-of-the-art experimental techniques and industrial applications. Chapters written by internationally acclaimed experts in their respective fields include:

  • Theory of Radical Reactions
  • The Kinetics of Free Radical Polymerization
  • Industrial Applications and Processes
  • Nitroxide Mediated Living Radical Polymerization
  • Atom Transfer Radical Polymerization
  • Control of Free Radical Polymerization by Chain Transfer Methods
  • Macromolecular Engineering by Controlled Radical Polymerization

Guaranteed to have a long shelf life, the Handbook of Radical Polymerization promises to be an indispensable resource for chemists, chemical engineers, material scientists, and graduate students in the field, as well as a valuable addition to industrial, academic, and government libraries.

Introduction (Krzysztof Matyjaszewski and Thomas P. Davis).


1. Theory of Radical Reactions (Johan P. A. Heuts).

2. Small Radical Chemistry (Martin Newcomb).

3. General Chemistry of Radical Polymerization (Bunichiro Yamada and Per B. Zetterlund).

4. The Kinetics of Free Radical Polymerization (Christopher Barner-Kowollik, Philipp Vana, and Thomas P. Davis).

5. Copolymerization Kinetics (Michelle L. Coote and Thomas P. Davis).

6. Heterogeneous Systems (Alex M. van Herk and Michael Monteiro).

7. Industrial Applications and Processes (Michael Cunningham and Robin Hutchinson).

8. General Concepts and History of Living Radical Polymerization (Krzysztof Matyjaszewski).

9. Kinetics of Living Radical Polymerization (Takeshi Fukuda, Atsushi Goto, and Yoshinobu Tsujii).

10. Nitroxide Mediated Living Radical Polymerization (Craig J. Hawker).

11. Fundamentals of Atom Transfer Radical Polymerization (Krzysztof Matyjaszewski and Jianhui Xia).

12. Control of Free Radical Polymerization by Chain Transfer Methods (John Chiefari and Ezio Rizzardo).

13. Control of Stereochemistry of Polymers in Radical Polymerization (Akikazu Matsumoto).

14. Macromolecular Engineering by Controlled Radical Polymerization (Yves Gnanou and Daniel Taton).

15. Experimental Procedures and Techniques for Radical Polymerization (Stefan A. F. Bon and David M. Haddleton).

16. Future Outlook and Perspectives (Krzysztof Matyjaszewski and Thomas P. Davis).

"" excellent resource for any chemists, chemical engineers, and materials scientists working in the area?highly recommended..."" (Polymer News)

""Over 900 pages of information...presented clearly and is supplemented with a thorough index for easy reference."" (Materials Evaluation, November 2002)

""...very scholarly and comprehensive volume..."" (Choice, Vol. 40, No. 6, February 2003)

"" excellent resource for understanding the advances made in the scope and control of radical polymerization in recent years."" (Journal of the American Chemical Society, Vol. 125, No. 11, 2003)