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Handbook of Reliability Engineering

Handbook of Reliability Engineering

Igor A. Ushakov (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-470-17241-4 December 2007 704 Pages


Handbook for the computation and empirical estimation of reliability. Introduces an incomparable volume of easily applicable, cutting-edge results originated by prominent Russian reliability specialists. Completely covers probabilistic reliability, statistical reliability and optimization with simple, step-by-step, numerical examples. Offers a broad range of applications in engineering, operations research, cost analysis and project management. Explores reliability software extensively. Includes appendices with summary reviews of mathematical and statistical fundamentals.
Partial table of contents:


Basic Concepts, Measures, and Definition.


Unrenewable Equipment.

Renewable Systems.

Repairable Dual Systems.

Systems with Network Structures.

Evaluation of System Effectiveness.

Systems with Time Redundancy.

Queuing Systems with Unreliable Service Channels.

Mechanical Equipment.


Estimation of Equipment Reliability from Tests.

Acceptance-Rejection Tests.

Accelerated Tests.

Reliability Growth.

Monte Carlo Simulations.


Optimal Redundancy.

Optimal Supply of Spare Parts.

Optimal Control of Inventories of Spare Parts.

Optimal Maintenance.