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Handbook of Sample Preparation



Handbook of Sample Preparation

Janusz Pawliszyn (Editor), Heather L. Lord (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-470-88019-7 May 2012 Wiley-Blackwell 496 Pages

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Discover new keys to solving analytical problems using the Latest sample preparation methods

Commonly viewed of as a routine task rather than as an integral component in the analytical process, sample preparation has long been undervalued as a science and underdeveloped as a technology. In an effort to reverse this trend, Handbook of Sample Preparation shows why sample preparation deserves closer scientific scrutiny, and makes a compelling case for colleges and professional laboratories to devote more resources to promote the benefits of its correct application.

Handbook of Sample Preparation includes:

  • A solid overview of standard sampling methodologies and their analytical capabilities
  • An introduction of non-traditional sampling technologies, which address the need for solvent-free alternatives, automation, and miniaturization
  • A discussion of the analytical shift toward performing sampling on-site, rather than in the laboratory
  • An examination of various extraction technologies and their applications for different types of matrices
  • A look at how to take advantage of new sampling strategies to streamline laboratory procedures, reduce research costs, and increase overall productivity

An excellent primer on the fundamentals of extraction as well as a sound guide on the latest technological upgrades influencing current sampling techniques, this versatile text serves as an important and accessible tool for both students and seasoned practitioners as they seek new avenues for improving the accuracy of their analyses.



Part I Fundamental Extraction Techniques.

1 Theory of Extraction (Janusz Pawliszyn).

2 Headspace Gas Chromatography (Zelda E. Penton).

3 Liquid–Liquid Extraction in Environmental Analysis (Toh Ming Hii and Hian Kee Lee).

4 Solid-Phase Extraction (Ronald E. Majors).

5 Solid-Phase Microextraction (Sanja Risticevic, Dajana Vuckovic, and Janusz Pawliszyn).

6 Microdialysis Sampling as a Sample Preparation Method (Pradyot Nandi and Susan M. Lunte).

7 Liquid-Phase Microextraction (LPME) Utilizing Porous Hollow Fibers (Stig Pedersen-Bjergaard, Knut Einar Rasmussen, and Jan Åke Jönsson).

8 Sample Preparation in Membrane Introduction Mass Spectrometry (Raimo A. Ketola, Tapio Kotiaho, and Frants R. Lauritsen).

9 Pressurized Fluid Extraction (John R. Dean and Renli Ma).

10 Superheated Water Extraction (Roger M. Smith).

11 Supercritical Fluid Extraction (Jeremy J. Kroon and Douglas E. Raynie).

12 Microwave-Assisted Extraction (J.R. Jocelyn Paré and Jacqueline M.R. Bélanger).

13 Chemical Derivatizations in Analytical Extractions (Jack Rosenfeld).

Part II Application Considerations.

14 Sample Preparation Techniques for Environmental Organic Pollutant Analysis (Ray E. Clement and Chunyan Hao).

15 Sample Preparation for the Study of Flavor Compounds in Food (Henryk H. Jelen).

16 Sampling and Sample Preparation for Clinical and Pharmaceutical Analysis (Hiroyuki Kataoka, Keita Saito, and Atsushi Yokoyama).

17 Statistics of Sampling and Sample Preparation (Byron Kratochvil).

18 SPME Devices Integrating Sampling with Sample Preparation for On-Site Analysis (Gangfeng Ouyang).

Part III Recent Developments.

19 Developments in the Use of Passive Sampling Devices for Monitoring Pollutants in Water (Graham A. Mills, Rocio Aguilar-Martínez, Richard Greenwood, Ian J. Allan, Janine Brümmer, Jesper Knutsson, and Branislav Vrana).

20 Solid-Phase Microextraction for Drug Analysis (Heather L. Lord).

21 Sample Handling Protocols for Biosensor Applications (Andrew Chan, Teresa Artuso, and Ulrich J. Krull).

22 Sol-Gel Coatings and Monoliths in Analytical Sample Preparation (Scott Segro and Abdul Malik).

23 The Use of Molecularly Imprinted Polymers for Sampling and Sample Preparation (Börje Sellergren and Antonio Martin Esteban).


“Handbook of Sample Preparation" is a valuable book dealing with a wide range of state-of-the-art extraction techniques that have been used in many laboratories. Not only a good text book on a variety of extraction techniques, it also enables systematic understanding of the modern sample-preparation methods necessary for workers dealing with the analysis of various complex mixtures.”  (Anal Bioanal Chem, 2011)