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Handbook of Semiconductor Technology

Handbook of Semiconductor Technology

Kenneth A. Jackson (Editor), Wolfgang Schröter (Editor)

ISBN: 978-3-527-61929-0

Jun 2008

1556 pages

Select type: O-Book


Semiconductor technology is the basis of today's microelectronics industry with its many impacts on our modern life, i.e. computer and communication technology. This two-volume handbook covers the basics of semiconductor processing technology, which are as essential for the design of new microelectronic devices as the fundamental physics.

Volume 1: Electronic Structure and Properties covers the structure and properties of semiconductors, with particular emphasis on concepts relevant to semiconductor technology.

Volume 2: Processing of Semiconductors deals with the enabling materials technology for the electronics industry. World-renowned authors have contributed to this unique treatment of the processing of semiconductors and related technologies.

Of interest to physicists and engineers in research and in the electronics industry, this is a valuable reference source and state-of-the-art review by the world's top authors.

Band Theory Applied to Semiconductors
Electrical and Optical Characteristics of Crystalline Semiconductors
Deep Centers in Semiconductors
Equilibria, Nonequilibria, Diffusion and Precipitation
Grain Boundaries
The Hall Effect in Quantum Wires
Material Properties of Hydrogenated Amorphous Silicon
Solubility Diffusion and Gettering of Illd Transition Elements in Silicon
Silicon Processing
Compound Semiconductor Processing
Epitaxial Growth
Etching Processes in Semiconductor Manufacturing
Silicon Device Structures
Compound Semicondutor Device Structures
Silicon Device Processing
Compound Semiconductor Device Processing
Integrated Circuit Packaging
Interconnect Systems
"Hier werden Grundlagen Struktur, EIgenschaften von Halbleitern sowie Bauelemente und Prozesstechnologie enzyklopädisch ollustriert. Es richtet sich als Nachschlagewerk an ein sher breites Publikum von Studenten, Lehrenden und Forschern über Bauelement-orientierte Ingenieure zu Prozesstechnologen." Physikalische Blätter

"Das Buch ist verständlich und angenehm zu lesen." Physikalische Blätter

"...erster Linie ein sehr faktenreiches Nachschlagewerk, das die zentralen ELemente der modernen Halbleiterphysik und Prozesstechnologie in sehr gut zu lesenden Beiträgen enthält." Physikalische Blätter