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Handbook of Simulation: Principles, Methodology, Advances, Applications, and Practice



Handbook of Simulation: Principles, Methodology, Advances, Applications, and Practice

Jerry Banks (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-471-13403-9 September 1998 864 Pages


The only complete guide to all aspects and uses of simulation-from the international leaders in the field

There has never been a single definitive source of key information on all facets of discrete-event simulation and its applications to major industries. The Handbook of Simulation brings together the contributions of leading academics, practitioners, and software developers to offer authoritative coverage of the principles, techniques, and uses of discrete-event simulation.

Comprehensive in scope and thorough in approach, the Handbook is the one reference on discrete-event simulation that every industrial engineer, management scientist, computer scientist, operations manager, or operations researcher involved in problem-solving should own, with an in-depth examination of:
* Simulation methodology, from experimental design to data analysis and more
* Recent advances, such as object-oriented simulation, on-line simulation, and parallel and distributed simulation
* Applications across a full range of manufacturing and service industries
* Guidelines for successful simulations and sound simulation project management
* Simulation software and simulation industry vendors

Principles of Simulation (J. Banks).

Principles of Simulation Modeling (A. Pritsker).


Input Data Analysis (S. Vincent).

Random Number Generation (P. L'Ecuyer).

Random Variate Generation (R. Cheng).

Experimental Design for Sensitivity Analysis, Optimization, and Validation of Simulation Models (J. Kleijnen).

Output Data Analysis (C. Alexopoulos & A. Seila).

Comparing Systems via Simulation (D. Goldsman & B. Nelson).

Simulation Optimization (S. Andradóttir).

Verification, Validation, and Testing (O. Balci).


Object-Oriented Simulation (J. Joines & S. Roberts).

Parallel and Distributed Simulation (R. Fujimoto).

On-Line Simulation: Need and Evolving Research Requirements (W. Davis).


Simulation of Manufacturing and Material Handling Systems (M. Rohrer).

Simulation in the Automobile Industry (O. Ulgen & A. Gunal).

Simulation of Logistics and Transportation Systems (M. Manivannan).

Simulation of Healthcare (F. McGuire).

Simulation of Service Systems (R. Laughery, et al.).

Military Simulation (K. Kang & R. Roland).

Discrete-Event Simulation of Computer and Communication Systems (A. Hartmann & H. Schwetman).

Simulation and Scheduling (A. Kiran).


Guidelines for Success (K. Musselman).

Managing the Simulation Project (V. Norman & J. Banks).

How Discrete-Event Simulation Software Works (T. Schriber & D. Brunner).

Software for Simulation (J. Banks).