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Handbook of Solution-Focused Brief Therapy

Handbook of Solution-Focused Brief Therapy

Scott D. Miller (Editor), Mark A. Hubble (Editor), Barry L. Duncan (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-470-50550-2

Jan 1991, Jossey-Bass

384 pages

Select type: Paperback

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The definitive guide for succeeding in an era of managed care

This state-of-the-art resource—a compilation of works from the nation's leading practitioners—offers mental health practitioners the tools for applying solution-focused brief therapy (SFBT) techniques.

Filled with the most current research information, illustrative case examples, and practical suggestions, it uses a framework that integrates the solution-focused model with the problem-focused approach, and offers specific guidance for applying methods across treatment settings. Proven to be effective across economic, gAnder, and racial lines, this guide will lead to an increased number of therapeutic options for success in an era of managed care.

Introduction 1


1. Rethinking Our Assumptions: Thinking Anew, in a Postmodern World 9
John L. Walter and Jane E. Peller

2. Solution-Focused Therapy and the Postmodern: A Critical Analysis 27
Barbara S. Held

3. Crafting of Consciousness Through Form: Solution-Focused Therapy as a Spiritual Path 44
Dvorah Simon


4. Solution-Focused Domestic Violence Views: Bridges Toward a New Reality in Couples Therapy 65
Eve Lipchik and Anthony D. Kubicki

5. Solution-Focused Work in the Hospital: A Continuum of Care Model for Inpatient Psychiatric Treatment 99
Kay Vaugh, Bonnie Cox Young, Denise C. Webster, and Marshall R. Thomas

6. Solution-Focused Supervision: The Coaxing of Expertise 128
Frank N. Thomas

7. Solution-Focused Therapy with Mandated Clients: Cooperating and the Uncooperative 152
Susan Lee Tohn and Jordan A. Oshlag

8. Solution-Focused Therapy in the School 184
John J. Murphy

9. Solution-Focused Hospital Diversion: Treatment of First Choice 205
Judi Booker

10. Solution-Focused Grief Therapy 228
William R. Butler and Keith V. Powers


11. A Clinician's Guide to Research on Solution-Focused Therapy 251
A. Jay McKeel

12. Outcome Research on Treatment Conducted at the Brief Family Therapy Center, 1992-1993 272
Peter DeJong and Larry E. Hopwood

13. Research on the Process of Solution-Focused Therapy 229
Mark Beyebach, Alberto Rodriguez Morejon, David L. Palenzuela, and Jose Luis Rodriquez-Arias

14. What Works in Solution-Focused Therapy: A Qualitative Analysis of Client and Therapist Perceptions 225
Linda Metcalf, Frank N. Thomas, Barry L. Duncan, Scott D. Miller, na Mark A. Hubble

The Editors 351

The Contributors 353

Name Index 359

Subject Index 365