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Handbook of Sport Psychology, 4th Edition

Handbook of Sport Psychology, 4th Edition

Gershon Tenenbaum, Robert C. Eklund

ISBN: 978-1-119-42099-6

May 2019, Wiley-Blackwell

1100 pages


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Since the publication of the first edition 25 years ago, the Handbook of Sport Psychology has become firmly established as the gold standard reference in its field. Endorsed by the International Society of Sport Psychology, it represents an invaluable source of theoretical and practical information on our understanding of the role of psychology in sport, exercise and performance – and how that understanding can be applied in order to improve real-world outcomes. Building on this legacy, the Fourth Edition has been expanded from one to two volumes in order to span the rich diversity of the contemporary field. The editors have brought together experts who are intimately involved in advancing scholarship and knowledge across the breadth of sport psychology, gathering and drawing on their perspectives in order to update the knowledge base and introduce new concepts, directions, and perspectives which have emerged in recent years. Rising stars have been brought in to complement established names, and new material has been added in emerging areas such as mindfulness, brain mapping, self-consciousness and mental toughness. The work is drawn from around the global English-speaker world, with chapters by highly respected contributors from North America, Europe and Asia Pacific.