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Handbook of Sports Medicine and Science, Basketball

Handbook of Sports Medicine and Science, Basketball

Douglas B. McKeag (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-470-69311-7

Apr 2008, Wiley-Blackwell

240 pages


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Basketball covers the epidemiology of basketball injury, the physiological demands of basketball, preventive medicine, pre-participation examination and special considerations to be given to the young basketball player, and finally looks at the 'special' basketball player -- diabetics, asthmatics, epileptics, etc.

List of contributors, vi

Forewords by the IOC, vii

Foreword by the FIBA, viii

Preface, ix

Introduction, xi

1 Epidemiology of basketball injuries, 1
Jay R. Hoffman

2 Physiology of basketball, 12
Jay R. Hoffman

3 Nutrition guidelines for basketball, 25
Leslie J. Bonci

4 Preventive medicine in basketball, 38
Thomas J. Mackowiak

5 Preparticipation screening and the basketball player, 66
Andrew L. Pipe

6 The young basketball player, 75
Kevin B. Gebke and Douglas B. McKeag

7 The female athlete, 86
Margot Putukian

8 The special basketball player, 103
Kevin B. Gebke and Douglas B. McKeag

9 Psychological issues in basketball, 115
Christopher M. Carr

10 Basketball injuries: head and face considerations, 128
William F. Micheo and Enrique Amy

11 Cardiovascular considerations in basketball, 140
Andrew L. Pipe

12 Medical illness, 151
Margot Putukian

13 Spine and pelvis, 164
Jill Cook and Karim Khan

14 Basketball injuries: upper extemity considerations, 177
William F. Micheo and Eduardo Amy

15 Lower extremity considerations, 191
Karim Khan and Jill Cook

Index, 217

*an IOC Medical Commission publication
*provides a detailed review of the sport, covering the physiological demands, including nutritional requirements and pre-participation examination, injury prevention and treatment
*presented in a very practical manner to provide a 'one-stop' source of information on the sport of basketball