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Handbook of Sports Medicine and Science, Tennis

Handbook of Sports Medicine and Science, Tennis

Per A. F. H. Renström (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-470-69822-8

Apr 2008, Wiley-Blackwell

336 pages


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This addition to the Handbook series will allow the tennis coach, athlete, and medical professional responsible for their care to improve technique, training and performance, and to reduce the risk of injury. When injury does occur, Tennis will aid quick accurate diagnosis and treatment, and effective rehabilitation so that the tennis player can return to peak performance with the minimum of fuss.

List of contributors, vi

Forewords by the IOC, viii

Forewords by the ITF, ATP, WTA and STMS, ix

Preface, xi

1 Biomechanics of tennis, 1
Bruce C. Elliott

2 The tennis racket, 29
Howard Brody

3 Shoes and surfaces in tennis: injury and performance aspects, 39
Karin G.M. Gerritsen, Benno M. Nigg and Ian C. Wright

4 The physiological demands of tennis, 46
Michael F. Bergeron and Joseph Keul

5 Nutrition in tennis, 54
Michael F. Bergeron

6 Playing tennis in the heat: fluid and electrolyte balance, 65
Michael F. Bergeron

7 Medical care of tennis players, 75
Babette Pluim

8 Travel and jet lag, 96
Moira O'Brien

9 Strength training, flexibility training and physical conditioning, 103
E. Paul Roetert and Todd S. Ellenbecker

10 Pre-participation profiling for tennis, 124
E. Paul Roetert and Todd S. Ellenbecker

11 Specific problems for the young tennis player, 139
W. Ben Kibler

12 Pathophysiology of tennis injuriesa an overview, 147
W. Ben Kibler

13 Foot problems in tennis, 155
Scott A. Lynch and Per A.F.H. Renström

14 Ankle problems in tennis, 165
Scott A. Lynch and Per A.F.H. Renström

15 Lower leg and Achilles tendon problems in tennis, 176
Scott A. Lynch and Per A.F.H. Renström

16 Knee injuries in tennis, 186
Per A.F.H. Renström and Scott A. Lynch

17 Spine injuries in tennis, 204
Hartmut Krahl, Carsten B. Radas, Hans-Gerd Pieper and Ulf Michaelis

18 Hand and wrist injuries in tennis, 223
Arthur C. Rettig

19 Elbow injuries in tennis, 233
Per A.F.H. Renström

20 Shoulder injuries in tennis, 248
David W. Altchek

21 Rehabilitation principles of injuries in tennis, 262
W. Ben Kibler

22 The psychology of tennis: gaining the mental advantage, 278
Robert S. Weinberg

23 ITF involvement in tennis medicine and science, 291
Miguel Crespo and Machar Reid

24 Medical services in men's and women's professional tennis, 296
Per Bastholt, Jurgen Dess, Sue Fleshman, Bill Norris, Doug Spreen, Alex Stober, Kathleen A. Stroia, Paul Settles and Gary Windler

Index, 303

* an IOC Medical Commission publication
* straight-forward practical handbook on training techniques and medical problems in tennis
* contains a section on equipment, which includes changes of design and their implications for training and technique
* endorsed by the International Tennis Federation (ITF), the Assocation of Tennis Professionals (ATP), the Women's Tennis Association (WTA), and the Society for Tennis Medicine and Science (STMS)