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Handbook of Surfactant Analysis: Chemical, Physico-chemical and Physical Methods

Handbook of Surfactant Analysis: Chemical, Physico-chemical and Physical Methods

Dieter O. Hummel

ISBN: 978-0-471-72046-1

Apr 2000

412 pages

Select type: Hardcover

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Handbook of Surfactant Analysis: Chemical, physico-chemical and physical methods is a translation of the successful German book Analyse der Tenside, and incorporates the leading chemical, physio-chemical and physical methods of surfactant analysis, with special emphasis on infrared spectroscopy.

Since the first edition of Analyse der Tenside (1962) no other book has come close to dealing exclusively with the many analytical methods for this important group of substances.

The scope of this book is broad, with coverage not only of analytical data, but also of important data relevant to the industrial production and uses of various classes of compounds.

The fundamental principles and applications of modern spectroscopic and electroanalytical techniques, now playing an increasingly important role as routine methods in analytical practice, are also described.

The book is richly and informatively illustrated and includes a comprehensive and up-to-date bibliography.

Chapter topics include:
* Structural characteristics and classifications of surfactants
* Sample preparation, isolation and characterisation of surfactants
* Detection of interfacially active ions
* Controlled decomposition
* Separation of mixtures of surfactants
* Methods of quantitative analysis of surfactants
* Spectrometry and electrometry
* Other physical and physico-chemical methods
Sample Preparation, Isolation and Characterization of Surfactants and Determination of Surface-Active Ions.

Elementary Composition and Structural Characteristics: Controlled Degradation.

Separation of Mixtures of Surfactants.

Selected Methods for the Quantitative Analysis of Surfactants.


Electrometry and Other Physical and Physico-Chemical Methods.