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Handbook of Thick- and Thin-Film Hybrid Microelectronics

Handbook of Thick- and Thin-Film Hybrid Microelectronics

Tapan K. Gupta

ISBN: 978-0-471-27229-8

Apr 2003

424 pages

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This is the first handbook on the fabrication and design of hybrid microelectronic circuits.
* Deals with all aspects of the technology, design, layout and processing of materials.
* Fills the need for a comprehensive survey of a widely-used technology.

1- Introduction.

2- Mathematical Foundations Circuit Design, and Layout Rules for Hybrid Microcircuits.

3- Computer-Aided Design and Pattern Generation Techniques.

4- Thick-Film Fundamentals.

5- Thick-Film Deposition Techniques.

6- Thin-Film Fundamentals.

7- Thin-Film Deposition Techniques.

8- Component Assembly and Interconnections.

9- Adjustment of Passive Components.

10- Packaging and Thermal Considerations.

11- Multichip Module and Microwave Hybrids Circuits.



"…this handbook provides standard reference material for the hybrid microelectronics area, with a level of detail consistent with a handbook." (MRS Bulletin, April 2005)

"This book gives thorough coverage of these subjects; the descriptions are up to date, and cover the fundamentals, so the book should be useful for some time to come." (IEEE Electrical Insulation Magazine, November/December 2004)