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Handbook of Tunnel Engineering II: Basics and Additional Services for Design and Construction



Handbook of Tunnel Engineering II: Basics and Additional Services for Design and Construction

Bernhard Maidl, Markus Thewes, Ulrich Maidl

ISBN: 978-3-433-60355-0 January 2014 458 Pages


Tunnel engineering is one of the oldest, most interesting but also challenging engineering disciplines and demands not only theoretical knowledge but also practical experience in geology, geomechanics, structural design, concrete construction, machine technology, construction process technology and construction management. The two-volume "Handbuch des Tunnel- und Stollenbaus" has been the standard reference work for German-speaking tunnellers in theory and practice for 30 years. The new English edition is based on a revised and adapted version of the third German edition and reflects the latest state of knowledge. The book is published in two volumes, with the second volume covering both theoretical themes like design basics, geological engineering, structural design of tunnels and monitoring instrumentation, and also the practical side of work on the construction site such as dewatering, waterproofing and scheduling as well as questions of tendering, award and contracts, data management and process controlling. As with volume I, all chapters include practical examples.
Volume II:
1 General
2 Engineering geology aspects for design and classification
3 Structural design verifications, structural analysis of tunnels
4 Measurements for monitoring, probing and recording evidence
5 Dewatering, waterproofing and drainage
6 New measurement and control technology in tunnelling
7 Special features of scheduling tunnel works
8 Safety and safety planning
9 Special features in tendering, award and contract
10 Process controlling and data management
11 DAUB recommendations for the selection of tunnelling machines