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Handbook of Viscoelastic Vibration Damping

Handbook of Viscoelastic Vibration Damping

David I. G. Jones

ISBN: 978-0-471-49248-1 July 2001 410 Pages


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Describing at a fundamental level the improvements in knowledge of viscoelastic damping which have occurred in recent years, this text will allow engineers to increase their understanding of basic principles and hence improve their appreciation of the potential damping applications of viscoelastic materials.
Features include:
* Emphasis on step-by-step explanations and illustrations
* Simple approaches for practical structural applications
This text is a wide ranging and valuable reference resource for anyone involved in vibration control, including vibration control analysts, researchers, practitioners and designers in industry and consultancy as well as graduate students in mechanical, aeronautical and marine engineering.

Introduction to Damping.

Modeling the Dynamic Mechanical Behaviour of Viscoelastic Materials.

The Effects of Temperature and Frequency on Complex Modulus Properties.

Measurement of Complex Modulus Properties.

Numerical Analysis of Measured Complex Modulus Data.

The Complex Modulus Behaviour of Typical Polymeric Materials.

Harmonic and Non-harmonic Response of Simple Viscoelastic Systems.

Controlling Vibration using Viscoelastic Materials.


Symbols for Chapter 8.

Selected Computer Programmes.

Units and Dimensions.

Author Index.

Subject Index.