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Handbook of the Economics of Innovation and Technological Change

Handbook of the Economics of Innovation and Technological Change

Paul Stoneman (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-631-19774-4

Aug 1995, Wiley-Blackwell

600 pages

Select type: Paperback

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This book presents a detailed overview of the economics and technological change in all its various dimensions. Topics covered include: * Game-theoretic approaches to the modelling of technological change * Finance and technological change * Technological change in internatonal trade The Handbook will be essential reading for students and researchers of the economics of technological change and industrial organization.
1. Introduction: Paul Stoneman (University of Warwick).

2. Patterns of Technological Change: Pari Patel and Keith Pavitt (both University of Sussex).

3. R & D and Productivity: Econometric Results and Econometric and Measurement Issues: Zvi Griliches (Harvard University).

4. Markets for Technology: Knowledge, Innovation and Appropriability: Paul Geroski (London Business School).

5. Game-Theoretic Approaches to the Modelling of Technological Change: John Beath, Yannis Katsoulacos and David Ulph (Respectively University of St. Andrews, Athens University and University College London).

6. Empirical Studies of Innovative Activity and Performance: Wes Cohen (Carnegie Mellon University).

7. Technological Diffusion: Massoud Karshenas and Paul Stoneman (University of London and University of Warwick).

8. Finance and Technological Change: Alan Goodacre and Ian Tonks (University of Stirling and London School of Economics).

9. Technological Change in International Trade: Paul Krugman (MIT).

10. Employment and Technological Change: Pascal Petit (University of Paris).

11. The Economic Foundations of Technology Policy: Equilibrium and Evolutionary Perspectives: Stan Metcalfe (University of Manchester).

12. The Practice of Technology Policy: David Mowery (University of California at Berkeley).

13. Concluding Remarks: Paul Stoneman (University of Warwick).