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Handbook of the Psychology of Women and Gender



Handbook of the Psychology of Women and Gender

Rhoda K. Unger (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-471-15092-3 March 2004 576 Pages

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A lively, thought-provoking exploration of the latest theory and practice in the psychology of women and gender

Edited by Rhoda Unger, a pioneer in feminist psychology, this handbook provides an extraordinarily balanced, in-depth treatment of major contemporary theories, trends, and advances in the field of women and gender. Bringing together contributions from leading U.S. and international scholars, it presents integrated coverage of a variety of approaches-ranging from traditional experiments to postmodern analyses. Conceptual models discussed include those that look within the individual, between individuals and groups, and beyond the person-to the social-structural frameworks in which people are embedded as well as biological and evolutionary perspectives. Multicultural and cross-cultural issues are emphasized throughout, including key variables such as sexual orientation, race/ethnicity, and social class.

Researchers and clinicians alike will appreciate the thorough review of the latest thinking about gender and its impact on physical and mental health-which includes the emerging trends in feminist therapy and sociocultural issues important in the treatment of women of color. In addressing developmental issues, the book offers thought-provoking discussions of new research into possible biological influences on gender-specific behaviors; the role of early conditioning by parents, school, and the media; the role of mother and mothering; gender in old age; and more. Power and gender, as well as the latest research findings on American men's ambivalence toward women, sexual harassment, and violence against women, are among the timely topics explored in viewing gender as a systemic phenomenon.

Handbook of the Psychology of Women and Gender is must reading for mental health researchers and practitioners, as well as scholars in a variety of disciplines who want to stay current with the latest psychological/psychosocial thinking on women and gender.

1. Women as Subjects, Actors, and Agents in the History of Psychology (R. Unger).

2. Theoretical Perspectives on Women and Gender (S. Wilkinson).

3. Choices and Consequences: Methodological Issues in the Study of Gender (V. Rabinowitz and D. Martin).

4. Women, Psychology, and Evolution (P. Gowaty).

5. Gender Similarities and Differences as Feminist Contradictions (M. Kimball).

6. Framing Gendered Identities (K. Deaux and A. Stewart).


7. Biological Influences on Psychosexual Differentiation (K. Zucker).

8. From Infancy through Middle Childhood: The Role of Cognitive and Social Factors in Becoming Gendered (K. Powlishta, et al.).

9. Adolescent Girls' Voices: Resonating Resistance in Body and Soul (D. Tolman and L. Brown).

10. Current Perspectives on Women's Adult Roles: Work, Family, and Life (L. Gilbert and J. Rader).

11. Motherhood and Mothering (A. Woollett and H. Marshall).

12. Older Adult Women: Issues, Resources, and Challenges (S. Canetto).


13. The Psychology of Men and Masculinity: Research Status and Future Directions (G. Good and N. Sherrod).

14. Changing Times, Changing Gender Roles: Who Do We Want Women and Men to Be? (M. Kite).

15. Gender and Language (M. Crawford).

16. Gender and Social Interaction (M. LaFrance).

17. Gender and Relationships (K. Dion and K. Dion).

18. Sexualities (C. Kitzinger).


19. Gendered Bodies and Physical Health (J. Chrisler).

20. Disorderly Constructs: Feminist Frameworks for Clinical Psychology (J. Marecek).

21. Therapy with Women: Feminist Frameworks (J. Worell and D. Johnson).

22. Sociocultural Issues in Counseling for Women of Color (K. Wyche).


23. A Developmental Examination of Violence against Girls and Women (J. White, et al.).

24. Power and Gender: The Double-Edged Sword of Ambivalence (S. Goodwin and S. Fiske).

25. Sexual Harassment (B. Gutek and R. Done).

26. Women, Gender, and the Law: Toward a Feminist Rethinking of Responsibility (M. Fine and S. Carney).

27. Changing Society, Changing Women (and Men) (E. Cole, et al.).


Author Index.

Subject Index.

  • Author is known as a founder of women/feminist psychology and is co-author of the #1 undergraduate text on the psychology of women and gender.
  • Coverage includes the developmental, biological, social, and intrapersonal aspects of women and gender.
  • The handbook includes contributions from international scholars and offers a cross-cultural perspective.