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Hands-On Math!: Ready-To-Use Games and Activities For Grades 4-8

Hands-On Math!: Ready-To-Use Games and Activities For Grades 4-8

Frances McBroom Thompson Ed.D.

ISBN: 978-0-787-96740-6

May 1994, Jossey-Bass

544 pages

Select type: Paperback

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Here's a super treasury of 279 exciting math games and activities that help students learn by engaging both their minds and their bodies. Dispensing with tired "rote" learning and memorization, Hands-On Math! uses fun-filled exercises that encourage your students to think and reason mathematically. Illustrated, hands-on activities organized in natural concrete-to-abstract progressions give your students the tools they need to solve math problems, while encouraging them to think independently and apply math to their own lives. In line with the latest NCTM guidelines, this invaluable teacher's aid develops basic and advanced math skills through an effective combination of concrete exercises (manipulatives), pictorial models and cooperative learning experiences. For easy use, this handy resource is organized into the following eight sections, each covering concepts from a different area of mathematics.
Chapter 1. Number and Number Relationships.

Chapter 2. Patterns, Relations, and Functions.

Chapter 3. Development of Written Algorithms.

Chapter 4. Geometry and Spatial Sense.

Chapter 5. Measurement.

Chapter 6. Statistics and Probability.

Chapter 7. Number Theory.

Chapter 8. Algebraic Thinking.