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Having It All?: Choices for Today's Superwoman



Having It All?: Choices for Today's Superwoman

Paula Nicolson

ISBN: 978-0-470-85532-4 February 2003 224 Pages

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We are so lucky; we can have everything: dazzling careers,financial success, happy and fulfilling emotional lives,well-adjusted children, a strong and supportive intimaterelationship, friends, a social life, be feminine and look lovelytoo. Can't we?

No. Most women find themselves lacking somewhere and how much westruggle towards achieving all this depends on how much we'veabsorbed this 21st century myth.

Dr Paula Nicloson is an expert on gender relations and reproductivehealth. She shows us how psychological theories explain women'sdesires and their experiences at home and work and offers solutionsto help us when the balance feels like it's tipping one way oranother. Easy to read and reassuring, keep it handy for when youhave to make decisions about home-life versus career, who you arenow and who you want to be in the future.
About the author.


Introduction: Who should read this book, and why?

1 Making Choices.

Choices for today's Superwoman.

Today's Superwoman.

Identifying the pressures: what we want, what we don'twant.

Exposing the myth of Superwoman.

Being true to yourself: making your own choices.

2 The Superwoman Syndrome.

The heart of women's psychology?

Historical background.

Women's minds and women's lives.

Who is a Superwoman?

The history of today's Superwoman.

'Superwoman Quits!!!' - reasoned withdrawal orbacklash politics?

The heart and mind of Superwoman.

What women want.

Controlling women's bodies and minds.

Superwoman rising from the ashes.


3 Psychological survival and managing your 'self'.

The psychodynamic approach.

Presenting your self.

Choice and preference: clues to our self-awareness.

What do we need? What do we want?

Fulfilment and health.

Self-actualisation and psychological type.

Superwomen, choices and having it all.

I know who I am.

What have feelings got to do with it?

Mind the gap!

Self-fulfilment and the emergence of our personalSuperwoman.

What others do to you.

Being confident in adversity.


4 Myth, magic or just hard work.

What type of Superwoman are you?: Are you sure you should bedoing this?

Describing Superwoman.

Real and false choices.

Beware of the false self.

The real self: understanding our drives.

What about Superwoman?

What kind of Superwoman are you?

But really - who are you?

5 The rise of Superwoman

From fear of success to emotional intelligence Women'smotives at work.

Fear of success: the myth of the passive woman?

Femininity and passivity: women's natural self?

Different bodies, different minds.

Freud and femininity.

Biology, genes, brains and gender.

From different psychologies to better psychologies.

Emotional intelligence and female natures: are we the winnersnow?

Emotional competence.


6 It is still a man's world!

Having it all at work: Having it all - at work.

Real women's lives.

Conflicts at work: challenges to having it all.

Beware of hazards.

Mapping the territory.

Barriers to success and the downfall of a Queen Bee.

Overcoming internal barriers.

Overcoming external barriers.


7 Motherhood versus the glittering career.

Coping with the backlash Lifestyle choices for Superwoman.

Expectations versus reality: what do you do when the babyarrives?

You can still find a pathway to success!

The emancipation of mothers: an oxymoron!

The role of fathers in the lifestyle choice.

Superwoman and the backlash against feminism.

Conclusions: You don't need to do it all and youdon't need to lose it all!

8 Coping with stress.

Superwoman says 'no!' Juggle don'tstruggle!

Stress and Superwoman.

Recognising stress in our lives.

How to cope with stress.

Breaking the stress/burn-out cycle?

Assertiveness - saying 'no'.


9 Challenging choices.

Working with what you've got!: So who has problemsnow?

Women joining in.

Choices for today's Superwoman.

Further information.

Notes and references.

"…If you feel that you are about to make choices or are unhappy with your day-to-day life, then read Paula Nicolson's book…" (, 24 October 2002)

"...offers particularly reassuring advice...", January 2003)

"…Easy to read and reassuring, keep it handy for when you have to make decisions about home-life versus career…" ( – Competition, 17 January 2003)