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Hazardous Materials Handbook, Non-Subscribers

Hazardous Materials Handbook, Non-Subscribers

Richard P. Pohanish , Stanley A. Greene

ISBN: 978-0-471-28812-1

Apr 1997

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Hazardous Materials Handbook used Chemical Hazards Response Information System (CHRIS) Manual, a multi-volume loose-leaf publication from the U.S. Coast Guard, as the model and starting point. This well-regarded resource was updated, expanded and reorganized to create a convenient, next-generation handbook offering greater range, depth and relevance of information required by those who must control the effects and aftermath of chemical spills and incidents on business, employees, and the environment.

This corrected, updated and expanded CD-ROM version of the U.S. Coast Guard's Chemical Hazards Response Information System (CHRIS) Manual features widely used and transported industrial materials including, practical hands on data and technical data as well as chemical properties. A portable and easier to use version of the CHRIS Manual, this new resource covers more than 1,240 substances, while also improving on the original by including a CAS index, synonym index, and a helpful identification section with new fields and vital ID information moved to the front of each record for easy accessibility.