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Hazardous Waste Site Operations: A Training Manual for Site Professionals

Hazardous Waste Site Operations: A Training Manual for Site Professionals

Michael F. Waxman

ISBN: 978-0-471-14218-8

Apr 1996

456 pages

Select type: Hardcover

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A complete guide to OSHA training requirements for hazardous waste cleanup professionals

Love Canal, Times Beach, Bhopal--these and other industry-related environmental disasters provided the impetus for present-day regulations governing cleanup of hazardous waste sites and the health and safety training of workers engaged in these operations. This manual addresses the 1986 amendments to Congress's "Superfund" act (known as SARA) and the growth industry in hazardous waste remediation that emerged as a result. Specifically, it deals with the OSHA standard 29 CFR 1910.120 that requires all businesses with hazardous waste operations--and all remediation contractors--to train their staffs on a regular basis, stressing training for managers, supervisors, scientists, and engineers.

Covering all training topics mandated by OSHA's 29 CFR 1910.120, this comprehensive guide
* Conforms point by point to OSHA's 40-hour off-site training requirement for site professionals, managers, and supervisors
* Includes field-tested, practical instructional material, based on the author's own successful 40-hour courses at the University of Wisconsin extension program that has trained more than one thousand environmental professionals since 1986
* Addresses the entire spectrum of health and safety issues, including health risks associated with specific chemicals and safe handling of hazardous materials
* Demonstrates the correct use of protective gear and how to follow safe work practices
* Discusses the continually changing regulatory and enforcement climate that governs the removal of hazards from waste sites
* And much more

The text of choice for any hazardous site operations training program, whether taught in universities, government agencies, or industry, Hazardous Waste Site Operations is an excellent guide for instructors, an invaluable reference for students, and a useful resource for professionals in the field.
Occupational Health Regulations, Standards, and Guidelines.

Fundamentals of Chemistry.

Industrial Hygiene.

Hazard Recognition.

Personal Protective Equipment.

Respiratory Protection.



Work Practices.

Developing a Site Safety Plan.

Medical Surveillance Program.

Risk Assessment in Superfund Site Remediation.