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Health Physics in the 21st Century

Health Physics in the 21st Century

Joseph John Bevelacqua

ISBN: 978-3-527-40822-1

May 2008

586 pages

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Adopting a proactive approach and focusing on emerging radiation-generating technologies, Health Physics in the 21st Century meets the growing need for a presentation of the relevant radiological characteristics and hazards. As such, this monograph discusses those technologies that will affect the health physics and radiation protection profession over the decades to come.

After an introductory overview, the second part of this book looks at fission and fusion energy, followed by a section devoted to accelerators, while the final main section deals with radiation on manned space missions. Throughout, the author summarizes the relevant technology and scientific basis, while providing over 200 problems plus solutions to illustrate and amplify the text.

Twelve appendices add further background material to support and enrich the topics addressed in the text, making this invaluable reading for students and lecturers in physics, biophysicists, clinical, nuclear and radiation physicists, as well as physicists in industry.

1. Introduction
2. Fission Power Production
3. Fusion Power Production
4. Colliders and Charged Particle Accelerators
5. Light Sources
6. Manned Planetary Missions
7. Deep Space Missions
PART V Solutions to Problems
PART VI Appendices
i. Significant Events and Important Dates in Physics and Health Physics
ii. Production Equations in Health Physics
iii. Key Health Physics Relationships
iv. Internal Dosimetry Primer
v. The Standard Model of Particle Physics
vi. Special Theory of Relativity
vii. Muon Characteristics
viii. Luminosity
ix. Dose Factors for Typical Radiation Types
x. Health Physics Related Computer Codes
xi. Systematics of Heavy Ion Interactions with Matter
xii. Curvature Systematics in General Relativity
"It will be quite a fascinating and rewarding for those brave enough to let this book take them where no health physics text has gone before." (Healthy Physics, December 2008)

"The charts, graphs, and explanations are abundant and clear in this weighty, recommended pick." (The Midwest Book Review, September 2008)