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Health Targets In Europe: Polity, Progress and Promise

Health Targets In Europe: Polity, Progress and Promise

Marshall Marinker (Editor), Martin Mckee (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-727-91642-6 March 2002 BMJ Books 240 Pages


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In 1997 the World Health Organisation introduced the concept of "health targets" - a framework for government policies designed to enhance the health of citizens. Health targets have since developed as major instruments of public policy in Europe.

The book focuses on improving health throughout Europe and discusses the strategies for doing this at all levels from small initiatives to nationwide programmes.

Written by experts in the field the chapters include overviews of the history of health trageting in Europe, the philosophical and moral implications of health targeting, range of values and beliefs that underpin it and the visions for the future of health governance in Europe.


1. Evidence and Imagination. (Marshall Marinker).

2. Historical Perspectives on European Health and Policy. (Loes can Herten and Louise J. Gunning-Schepers.

3 For and Against Health Targets. (James McCormick and Naomi J. Fulop).

4 Sweden (Claes Ortendahl).

5 Lithuania (Vilius Grabasukas).

6 Spain (Carlos Alvarez-Dardet).

7 Germany (Hans Stein).

8 North Rhine-Westphalia (Birgit Weihrauch).

9 Finland (Seppo V. Koskinen and Tapani A. Melkas).

10 Italy (George France).

11 England (David J. Hunter).

12 A European Review (Morton Warner).

13 Values, Beliefs and Implication (Martin McKee).

Perspectives on Health Governance in the 21st Century. (Ilona Kickbusch).


  • A high profile book on health policy backed by an international conference

  • Written by expert authors from across Europe

  • Includes examples of initiatives from local to national level

  • Provides detailed examples of health targeting from a number of contrasted European countries