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Heartland: How to Build Companies as Strong as Countries

Heartland: How to Build Companies as Strong as Countries

Mark C. Scott

ISBN: 978-0-470-84545-5 July 2002 224 Pages




A revolutionary new approach to managing transnational corporations
In his acclaimed Reinspiring the Corporation, competitive strategy expert Mark Scott introduced a dynamic approach to building employee commitment for competitive excellence. Now Scott breaks new ground with a revolutionary approach to harnessing the energy and talents of employees of multinational firms. In a radical departure from conventional thinking on the subject, which tends to focus exclusively on the structural challenges of managing transnational enterprises, Scott focuses on the social dimension. He clearly shows that the key to creating the commitment required for sustainable success is to unite the diverse national communities that make up a global firm into a cohesive global society, or "corporate state." And he provides advice and guidance on how to apply those principles in the development of an unbeatable transnational competitor.
Mark C. Scott (London, UK) is Executive Vice President of Lighthouse Holdings, a global marketing communications group. Prior to joining Lighthouse, Scott was operations director at WPP Group and a consultant to numerous Fortune 500 firms in the United States and Europe.
Preface: A Map of the Human Heart.

The Ambivalent Corporation: Global Giant or House of Straw?

Corporate Schizophrenia: The National Jekyll versus the Global Hyde.

Creating Societies: The Case of the Nation State.

State versus Corporation: Identifying the Common Genes.

The State of the Nation State: Opportunity or Threat?

Founding the Corporate State: Laying the Philosophical Foundations.

The Moral Foundation: Answering the Great 'Why?'

The Selfish Gene: Learning to Think 'Us', Not 'Me, Me, Me...'

The Identity Game: Answering the Great 'Who Am I?'

The Origin of Species: The History of History.

The Restless Spirit: The Perpetual Interrogative.

Positive Thinking: Things Can Only Get Better.

Lady Enigma: The Hunger for Forbidden Fruit.

Differentiation or Death: Fortifying the Heartland of the Firm.

Selected Bibliography.

"a bold and original book ...lucid, lively and shot through with absorbing ideas". (Financial Times, 15th August 2001)

"...well argued..." (Sunday Times 23 December 2001)