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Heat Conduction, 2nd Edition

Heat Conduction, 2nd Edition

ISBN: 978-0-471-53256-9

Mar 1993

712 pages

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This Second Edition for the standard graduate level course in conduction heat transfer has been updated and oriented more to engineering applications partnered with real-world examples. New features include: numerous grid generation--for finding solutions by the finite element method--and recently developed inverse heat conduction. Every chapter and reference has been updated and new exercise problems replace the old.
Heat Conduction Fundamentals.

The Separation of Variables in the Rectangular Coordinate System.

The Separation of Variables in the Cylindrical Coordinate System.

The Separation of Variables in the Spherical Coordinate System.

The Use of Duhamel's Theorem.

The Use of Green's Function.

The Use of Laplace Transform.

One-Dimensional Composite Medium.

Approximate Analytic Methods.

Moving Heat Source Problems.

Phase-Change Problems.

Finite-Difference Methods.

Integral-Transform Technique.

Inverse Heat Conduction Problems (IHCP).

Heat Conduction in Anisotropic Solids.