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Heat and Fluid Flow in Biological Systems

Heat and Fluid Flow in Biological Systems

Arunn Narasimhan

ISBN: 978-1-119-13527-2

Jun 2019

400 pages


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This book examines the application of fundamental thermos-fluids concepts and theories to problems encountered in biological systems. It is a useful background reference aiming to bridge the gap between established textbooks on transport phenomena in biological systems, and those on fundamental theories of thermodynamics, heat transfer and fluid dynamics.  Whilst several books on bio-fluid flow and mass transport have been published, the strength of this book is that few are dedicated to bio-heat transfer. This book focuses singularly on the application of concepts of thermo-fluids to biological systems, which is a burgeoning research area in bio-thermo-fluids.  The author introduces the essential concepts that govern heat and fluid flow in biological systems, presenting several research themes across thermal and fluids concepts applied to biology.  Chapters introduce the reader to non-Newtonian fluids and blood rheology before moving on to discussing models of blood flow in various human organs. The heat transfer models are presented from first principles, with an historical approach, enabling the reader to appreciate the formulation and associated predicaments. Later chapters discuss in detail major applications in bio-thermo-fluids modeling, such as laser ablation, cryo-surgery, and drug-delivery. The book serves as a concise examination of bio-transport for students and researchers in a number of disciplines including biomedical, mechanical and chemical engineering.