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Hedge Funds for Canadians: New Investment Strategies for Winning in Any Market, 2nd Edition

Hedge Funds for Canadians: New Investment Strategies for Winning in Any Market, 2nd Edition

Peter Beck, Miklos Nagy

ISBN: 978-0-470-83636-1

Jul 2005

320 pages

Select type: Paperback

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It’s no secret that stock market performance over recent years has been disappointing, to say the least — or abysmal, to be more realistic. And when the markets go down, mutual funds go down with them. So what are Canadian investors to do?

Hedge funds are alternative investments that are designed to provide investors with strong returns during both bull and bear markets. More widely available than ever before, the popularity of hedge funds has been growing rapidly in Canada, thanks to regulatory changes and the continued poor performance of more traditional investment vehicles. But with risks and pitfalls of their own, they are often misunderstood by the average investor.

Written by two of the industry's top experts and commentators, this is the first book of its kind — a complete guide to the hedge fund industry in Canada — now completely revised:

  • Includes complete coverage on: what hedge funds are and how to use them to your advantage; myths and facts about hedge funds; the difference between hedge funds and mutual funds; how to assess hedge funds and measure your risk; how to buy a hedge fund; how to apply different hedge fund styles in your portfolio; and much more.
  • New information in this edition includes: Expanded and updated hedge fund profiles and ratings; up-to-date information on the hedge fund market in Canada; new types of funds and other innovations in the field; additional investment strategies.
  • Features completely updated profiles and ratings of hedge funds currently available in Canada — expanded to cover 100 funds. Each profile includes a description of the fund, information on the fund's manager, performance numbers, terms and conditions, and risk data.

"A valuable and complete update to the first edition. Miklos Nagy and Peter Beck have done it again: explaining complex financial products to everyone wanting to know more about hedge funds. After Portus, this book is a must for any advisor or investor." — Tom Hockin, President and CEO of The Investment Funds Institute of Canada

"Hedge Funds for Canadians is a thorough and highly readable look at a subject many Canadian investors probably haven’t felt comfortable with. Peter Beck and Miklos Nagy have managed to take the mystery out of this relatively sophisticated investment strategy." — James Walker, Editor, Investment Executive

"A useful and thorough primer on a subject of critical importance to Canadian investors." — Michael den Tandt, Columnist with The Globe & Mail's Report on Business


Chapter 1: The History of Hedge Funds.

Chapter 2: The Difference Between Hedge Funds and Mutual Funds.

Chapter 3: Why Canadians Need Hedge Funds.

Chapter 4: Hedge Fund Styles.

Chapter 5: Picking a Hedge Fund That's Right for You.

Chapter 6: Buying, Managing, and Selling Your Hedge Fund.

50 Hedge Fund Companies in Canada Today.

Appendix I: Glossary of Terms.

Appendix II: Resources.

List of Hedge Fund Companies.