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Hedges on Hedge Funds: How to Successfully Analyze and Select an Investment

Hedges on Hedge Funds: How to Successfully Analyze and Select an Investment

James R. Hedges IV

ISBN: 978-0-471-70102-6

Nov 2004

272 pages



A just-in-time guide to hedge fund investing
Today, access to hedge funds is increasingly available to average investors through ""funds of hedge funds"" and other registered products. These vehicles allow investors to invest as little as $25,000 to start. Hedges on Hedge Funds provides an overview of hedge fund investing and delves into the key investment strategies employed by hedge fund managers. This comprehensive resource directs people to proper fund selection and allocation, but most importantly, it helps investors avoid the potential pitfalls associated with the industry by discussing transparency, size vs. performance, and other important issues associated with selecting and profiting with hedge funds.
James R. Hedges, IV (Naples, FL), is recognized as a pioneer in the hedge fund industry for his efforts to monitor and review funds and fund managers for performance and transparency. He is the founder, President, and Chief Investment Officer of LJH Global Investments-an investment advisory firm that helps clients select and invest in hedge funds.



CHAPTER 1: The Hedge Fund Alternative.

CHAPTER 2: Cutting through the Black Box: Transparency and Disclosure.

CHAPTER 3: The Operational Risk Crisis.

CHAPTER 4: Best Practices in Hedge Fund Valuation.

CHAPTER 5: Does Size Matter?

CHAPTER 6: Directional Investing through Global Macros and Managed Futures.

CHAPTER 7: Profiting from the Corporate Life Cycle.

CHAPTER 8: Evaluating Arbitrage and Relative Value Strategies.

CHAPTER 9: The Time Is Now for Equity Market Neutral.

CHAPTER 10: Long-Short Strategies in the Technology Sector.

CHAPTER 11: The Expansion of European Hedge Funds.

CHAPTER 12: The Dynamic World of Asian Hedge Funds.

CHAPTER 13: Hedge Fund Indices: In Search of a Benchmark.



“…the book is to be praised for its emphasis on the need for thorough due diligence before entrusting one’s money to a hedge fund…” (Professional Investor, May 2005)