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Helicopter Test and Evaluation

Helicopter Test and Evaluation

Alastair Cooke, Eric Fitzpatrick

ISBN: 978-1-405-17254-7

Feb 2009

384 pages

Select type: E-Book



Although a number of texts on helicopter aerodynamics have been written, few have explained how the various theories concerning rotorborne flight underpin practical flight test and evaluation. This book combines theoretical information on aerodynamics, stability, control and performance with details of evaluation methodologies and practical guidance on the conduct of helicopter flight tests.

For each topic the relevant theory is explained briefly and followed by details of the practical aspects of testing a conventional helicopter. These include:

* safety considerations

* planning the tests

* the most efficient way to conduct individual flights

Where possible typical test results are presented and discussed.

The book draws on the authors' extensive experience in flight test and flight test training and will appeal not only to professionals working in the area of rotorcraft test and evaluation, but also to helicopter pilots, rotorcraft designers and manufacturers and final year undergraduates of aeronautical engineering

The flight test process; Performance theory; Performance testing; Stability and control theory; Stability and control testing; Helicopter systems; Systems testing
* unique in its breadth of coverage
* performance, stability and control, and aerosystems all discussed
* a companion and complementary text to Padfield : Helicopter Flight Dynamics
* both authors from Empire Test Pilots' School, well known as a centre for test pilot training