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Hepatology: Diagnosis and Clinical Management



Hepatology: Diagnosis and Clinical Management

E. Jenny Heathcote (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-118-31485-2 September 2012 Wiley-Blackwell 464 Pages


This book will be an affordable, highly practical handbook on hepatology, aimed at residents/trainees in gastroenterology, GI nurses, and recently qualified consultants to use as a quick reference when managing patients presenting with possible or overt liver disease.

It will be of particular use for those GI internists/residents who have an interest specifically in hepatology. It does not aim to be a specialist textbook, but a shorter, 250pp guide that provides key clinical information on each area of hepatology in an accessible form. Extracting relevant material from large reference textbooks can be very time consuming and for this reason, information in this handbook will be presented succinctly in a style suitable for quick reference and easy understanding.

The chief emphasis will be on the clinical assessment and management of these patients, and all the major areas of liver disease will be covered, from liver cirrhosis to viral hepatitis, to autoimmune liver failure.

Chapters will use a variety of structural features and colour coded boxes to increase the accessibility for residents. These include: key points/take-home points, case history, practice points and management algorithm/flow-charts. Each chapter will also contain sample multiple choice questions that the reader will be able to test themselves on.

Contributors, ix

Foreword, xii

Preface, xiv

Acknowledgements, xv

1 Clinical assessment of the adult patient with possible liver disease: history and physical examination, 1
Eberhard L. Renner

2 Initial diagnosis, workup, and assessment of severity of liver disease in adults, 13
Scott K. Fung

3 Pediatric liver disease: an approach to diagnosis and assessment of severity, 31
Binita M. Kamath and Vicky L. Ng

4 Natural history of the cirrhotic patient, 45
Jordan J. Feld

5 Management of complications of portal hypertension in adults and children: variceal hemorrhage, 63
E. Jenny Heathcote, Simon Ling, and Binita M. Kamath

6 Management of ascites, 80
David K.H. Wong

7 Masses in the liver, 93
Morris Sherman

8 Chronic portosystemic encephalopathy and its management, 112
Leslie B. Lilly and Binita M. Kamath

9 Indications for liver transplantation in adults and children, 119
Nazia Selzner and Vicky L. Ng

10 Management of fulminant hepatic failure, 132
Leslie B. Lilly

11 Management of the complications of liver transplantation, 142
Eberhard L. Renner and Eve A. Roberts

12 Acute viral hepatitis in adults and children: hepatitis A, B, C, D, E, and others, 162
Hemant A. Shah and Eve A. Roberts

13 Chronic viral hepatitis in adults and children: hepatitis B, 185
Jordan J. Feld

14 Chronic viral hepatitis in adults and children: hepatitis C, 208
Eberhard L. Renner and Eve A. Roberts

15 Liver disease due to alcohol, 226
Nazia Selzner

16 Drug-induced liver disease, 235
Leslie B. Lilly

17 Obesity and its hepatic complications in adults and children, 244
E. Jenny Heathcote and Eve A. Roberts

18 HIV-associated liver diseases, 263
David K.H. Wong

19 Autoimmune hepatitis in adults and children, 281
Gideon M. Hirschfield

20 Chronic cholestatic liver disease and its management in adults and children, 297
Gideon M. Hirschfi eld and Binita M. Kamath

21 Vascular diseases of the liver, 315
Jordan J. Feld

22 Approach to metabolic and storage diseases, 329
Hemant A. Shah and Eve A. Roberts

23 Wilson disease: when should you think of Wilson disease?, 352
Eve A. Roberts and Gideon M. Hirschfield

24 Liver disease in pregnant women, 367
E. Jenny Heathcote

25 Cystic disease of the liver, 383
Morris Sherman

26 An internist’s approach to radiologic examination of the liver, 396
Anthony E. Hanbidge and Korosh Khalili

Index, 413