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Heroic Leadership: Leading with Integrity and Honor

Heroic Leadership: Leading with Integrity and Honor

William A. Cohen

ISBN: 978-0-470-61892-9

May 2010, Jossey-Bass

288 pages



Proven leadership strategies used by combat and business leaders to accomplish impossible goals

Heroic Leadership examines military leadership principles as they apply to business and life. Leadership expert and retired general William Cohen describes the eight universal laws of leadership and explains why heroic leadership has worked so successfully and ethically for thousands of years despite severe conditions of risk, uncertainty and hardship. He also shows how to implement Heroic Leadership to attract fellowship, use influence tactics, develop self-confidence, build, coach, and motivate a team, take charge in crisis situations, and take action.

  • Includes real-world examples from business as well, as battle, that follow the eight universal laws
  • Contains proven strategies and techniques to apply the universal laws and multiply the productivity of any group or organization
  • Suggests little-known, but highly effective methods for building teamwork and esprit de corps
  • Based on the classic, bestselling books on leadership The New Art of the Leader and the Stuff of Heroes
  • With a timeless approach to leadership, Heroic Leadership offers innovative ideas for motivating people and helping them to achieve new heights of personal and group performance
Introduction: The Concept of Heroic Leadership.

Part One: The Eight Universal Laws of Heroic Leadership.

1 Maintain Absolute Integrity.

2 Know Your Stuff.

3 Declare Your Expectations.

4 Show Uncommon Commitment.

5 Expect Positive Results.

6 Take Care of Your People.

7 Put Duty Before Self.

8 Get Out in Front.

Part Two: The Eight Basic Influence Tools.

9 Direction.

10 Indirection.

11 Redirection.

12 Deflection.

13 Enlistment.

14 Persuasion.

15 Negotiation.

16 Involvement.

Part Three: The Eight Competencies of Heroic Leadership.

17 How to Attract Followership.

18 How to Develop Your Self-Confidence.

19 How to Build a Heroic Team.

20 How to Build High Morale and Esprit de Corps.

21 How to Motivate When Times Get Tough.

22 How to Take Charge in Crisis Situations.

23 How to Develop Your Charisma.

24 How to Solve Problems and Make Decisions.



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