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Heterogeneous Atmospheric Chemistry

Heterogeneous Atmospheric Chemistry

David R. Schryer (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-118-66381-3 March 2013 American Geophysical Union 274 Pages


Published by the American Geophysical Union as part of the Geophysical Monograph Series, Volume 26.

In the past few years it has become increasingly clear that heterogeneous, or multiphase, processes play an important role in the atmosphere. Unfortunately the literature on the subject, although now fairly extensive, is still rather dispersed. Furthermore, much of the expertise regarding heterogeneous processes lies in fields not directly related to atmospheric science. Therefore, it seemed desirable to bring together for an exchange of ideas, information, and methodologies the various atmospheric scientists who are actively studying heterogeneous processes as well as other researchers studying similar processes in the context of other fields.

Preface v


Common Problems in Nucleation and Growth, Chemical Kinetics, and Catalysis
Howard Reiss  2

Effect of the Mechanism of Gas-to-Particle Conversion on the Evolution of Aerosol Size Distributions
John H. Seineeld and Mark Bassett  6

Neutral and Charged Clusters in the Atmosphere: Their Importance and Potential Role
in Heterogeneous Catalysis
A. W. Castleman, Jr.  13

Role of Ions in Heteromolecular Nucleation: Free Energy Change of Hydrated Ion
S. H. Suck, T. S. Chen, R. W. Emmons, D. E. Hagen, and J. L. Kassner, Jr.  28

Structural Studies of Isolated Small Particles Using Molecular Beam Techniques
Sang Soo Kim and Gilbert D. Stein  33

Chemical Reactions With Aerosols
Egon Matijevic 44

Photophoretic Spectroscopy: A Search for the Composition of a Single Aerosol Particle
S. Arnold and M. Lewittes  50

Electron Beam Studies of Individual Natural and Anthropogenic Microparticles:
Compositions, Structures, and Surface Reactions
Peter R. Buseck and John P. Bradley  57

Electronic Structure Theory for Small Metallic Particles
R. P. Messmer 77


The Surface Science of Heterogeneous Catalysis: Possible Applications in Atmospheric Sciences
G. A. Somorjai  88

The Removal of Atmospheric Gases by Particulate Matter
Julian Heicklen 93

Reactions of Gases on Prototype Aerosol Particle Surfaces
Alan C. Baldwin 99

Laboratory Measurements of Dry Deposition of Acetone Over Adobe Clay Soil
Henry S. Judeikis 103

Kinetics of Reactions Between Free Radicals and Surfaces (Aerosols) Applicable to Atmospheric Chemistry
Daryl D. Jech, Patrick G. Easley, and Barbara B. Krieger 107

Photoassisted Reactions on Doped Metal Oxide Particles
J. M. White 122

Photoassisted Heterogeneous Catalysis: Definition and Hydrocarbon and Chlorocarbon
David F. Ollis and Ann Lorette Pruden 136

Heterogeneous Catalyzed Photolysis via Photoacoustic Spectroscopy
L. Robbin Martin and Marilyn Wun-Fogle 143

Observations of Sulfate Compounds on Filter Substrates by Means of X-Ray Diffraction
Briant L. Davis, L. Ronald Johnson, Robert K. Stevens, Donald F. Gatz, and Gary J. Stensland  149

Atmospheric Gases on Cold Surfaces - Condensation, Thermal Desorption, and Chemical Reactions
R. J. Fezza and J. M. Calo  157

Incomplete Energy Accommodatioinn Surface-Catalyzed Reactions
Bret Halpern and Daniel E. Rosner  167


Oxidation of SO 2 by NO?. and Air in an Aqueous Suspension of Carbon
Robert S. Rogowski, David R. Schryer, Wesley R. Cofer III, Robert A. Edahl, Jr., and Shekhar Munavalli 174

Sulfur Dioxide Absorption, Oxidation, and Oxidation Inhibition in Falling Drops:
An Experimental/Modeling Approach
Elmar R. Altwicker and Clement Kleinstreuer  178

Sulfur-Dioxide/Water Equilibria Between 00 and 500C. An Examination of Data at  Low Concentrations
Hoard G. Maahs  187

Theoretical Limitations on Heterogeneous Catalysis by Transition Metals in Aqueous Atmospheric Aerosols
Charles J. Weschler and T. E. Graedel  196


Evidence for Heterogeneous Reactions in the Atmosphere
George M. Hidy 204

Soot-Catalyzed Atmospheric Reactions
T. Novakov 215

The Relative Importance of Various Urban Sulfate Aerosol Production Mechanisms -
A Theoretical Comparison Paulette Middleton
C. S. Kiang, and Volker A. Mohnen  221

Importance of Heterogeneous Processes to Tropospheric Chemistry: Studies With a One-
Dimensional Model
R. P. Turco, O. B. Toon, R. C. Whitten, R. G. Keesee, and P. Hamill  231

Sulfate in the Atmospheric Boundary Layer: Concentration and Mechanisms of Formation 241
R. F. Pueschel and E. W. Barrett  241

Water Vapor and Temperature Dependence of Aerosol Sulfur Concentrations at Fort Wayne,
Indiana, October 1977
John W. Winchester and Alistair C. D. Leslie  250

Evidence for Aerosol Chlorine Reactivity During Filter Sampling Wang Mingxing and
John W. Winchester   57

The Possible Role of Heterogeneous Aerosol Processes in the Chemistry of CH4 and CO
in the Troposhere 
Cindy J. Luther and Leonard K. Peters  264