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Heterogeneous Modification of Polymers: Matrix and Surface Reactions



Heterogeneous Modification of Polymers: Matrix and Surface Reactions

Joseph Jagur-Grodzinski

ISBN: 978-0-471-94287-0 July 1997 280 Pages


Dealing with bulk and surface modifications, this book covers heterogeneous polymer reactions. Such reactions can yield very different products from the corresponding homogeneous reactions and are of great importance in polymer materials science today. The author combines the discussion of basic principles with outline of prospective developments leading to novel products and technologies. He concentrates on specific aspects common to heterogeneous polymeric reactions.
Kinetics and Mechanisms.

Modification of the Bulk of a Polymeric Matrix.

Macromolecular Modifications.

Applications of Bulk-Modified Polymers.

Surface Modifications.

Surface Modification Procedures.

Applications of Surface-Modified Polymers.

"This book represents a good introduction for students having completed an introductory polymer course as well as...readers taking an interest in polymer modification and processing." (Advanced Materials, Vol. 11, No. 2, January 1999)