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Hidden Assets: Revolutionize Your Development Program with a Volunteer-Driven Approach



Hidden Assets: Revolutionize Your Development Program with a Volunteer-Driven Approach

Diane Hodiak, John S. Ryan

ISBN: 978-0-787-95351-5 February 2001 Jossey-Bass 128 Pages


While many nonprofits have significant volunteer resources, few know how to direct those resources strategically and systematically into their all-important development programs. Written by two fundraising experts, Hidden Assets shows you how, introducing a unique, proven formula for volunteer development that aims at enhancing fundraising, public relations, and marketing results through the strategic use of volunteers. Volunteers play a key role in a powerful new technique--affinity fundraising--that teaches step-by-step how to cultivate the donors who have the greatest affinity for an organization's work and mission. Brimming with real-life examples of how organizations have incorporated volunteers into their development programs, this hands-on guide comes with a wealth of worksheets, sample dialogues with donors, and practical tips on recruiting, retaining, and motivating volunteers.
Tables, Figures, Exhibits, and Worksheets.



The Authors.


How Volunteers Can Strengthen Donor Relationships.

Assessing Your Organization's Level of Affinity.


Reaping Results Through Staff and Volunteer Collaboration.

Identifying High-Affinity Prospects and Volunteers.

Helping Volunteers Conduct Donor Interviews.

Understanding and Responding to Donors.


Campaigns and Special Projects.

The Annual Fund.

Adapting the Model to Fit Your Organization.

"The authors' unique process has a direct effect on donors. Theycome to the table having thought about objectives for themselvesand their heirs, and their charitable dreams. This provides awonderful foundation for later technical implementation by advisorslike me." (Clinton A. Schroeder, president, American Council onGift Annuities)

"Hodiak and Ryan have developed a structured listening process thathelps donors relate their giving to their values, resulting in morefrequent and larger gifts. After using this process with hundredsof donors over several years, I recommend it." (James A. Jenson,executive director, Luther Seminary Foundation)

"Affinity fundraising helps unlock the giving potential of oftenoverlooked and undervalued friends. It allows us to help themcreate their very own legacy. This message is needed, wanted, andit works." (Lynette Brooks, director of resources, Mexico Division,The Nature Conservancy)