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High Performance Metallic Materials for Cost Sensitive Applications

High Performance Metallic Materials for Cost Sensitive Applications

F. H. Froes (Editor), E. S. D. Chen (Editor), Rodney R. Boyer (Editor), E. M. Taleff (Editor), L. Lu (Editor), D. L. Zhang (Editor), C. M. Ward-Close (Editor), D. Eliezer (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-118-78790-8

Sep 2013

916 pages



These proceedings examine the most recent advances and best practices in structural materials selection, design, and manufacturing for producing affordable components, with a focus on titanium, aluminum, and other advanced metallic materials. This volume discusses melting, casting, powder metallurgy, forging, forming, extrusion, and machining, as well as processing advances, innovative processing techniques, process modeling and materials by design, and new alloys, as well as related processing-microstructure-properties-performance-cost studies. This book can be purchased either on CD-ROM, or portable document format (PDF). PDF and CD-ROM books can be viewed using the free Adobe Acrobat Reader Program on Windows, Macintosh, Unix, and other systems. Access Acrobat Reader through the TMS Document Center at PDF and CD-ROM books are completely text-searchable, allowing users to locate important information quickly by typing in key words.

A collection of papers from the 2002 TMS Annual Meeting and Exhibition held in Seattle, Washington, February 17-21, 2002.

Overview and Titanium Alloys I

Cost Effective Synthesis, Processing and Applications of Light-Weight Metallic Materials 3
F.H (Sam) Froes, E. Chen, R.R. Boyer, EM. Taleff, D. Eliezer, CM. Ward-Close, L. Lu and G. Zhang

Prospects for Cost Reduction of Titanium Via Electrolysis 19
H. Rosenberg

Implementation of Advanced Metal Technologies to Reduce the Cost of Aerospace Systems 27
R.L. Martin

Recent Developments in the Manufacturing of Low Cost Titanium Alloys 35
Y. Kosaka and S.P. Fox

Lightweight Metals

Ale-Finite Element Simulation of "U" Shape Aluminum Profile Extrusion 45
Z Chen, Z. Bao and H. Liu

Effect of Reinforcement in Mg Alloy Fabricated by Powder Metallurgy Method 53
M.A. The in, L. Lu and M.O. Lai

Light Magnesium Constructions for Transportation Applications 219
A. Ben-Artzy, I. Makover, I. Dahan, M. Kupiec, Y. Salah, A. Heler, A. Shtechman, A. Bussiba and Y. Weinberg

Titanium Alloys

Using Superplastic Forming as a Means of Achieving Cost Benefits as Well as Enhancing Aircraft Performance 65
L.D. Hefti

Superplastic Behavior of Fine Grained Ti-6A1-4V 73
J.P. Escobedo, S.N. Patankar, D.P. Field and F.H. Froes

Experimental Study on Tianium Alloy Superplasticity Performance and Processing Parameters 81
Z Tianrui, W. Lijuan and G. Lijin

Enhanced Superplastic Forming of Ti-6A1-4V 85
G. Salishchev, R. Galeyev, O. Valiakhmetov, R. Safiullin, R. Lutfullin, P. Comley, S. Patankar, D. Field and F.H. (Sam) Froes

Microstructure Evolution in Hydrogenated Ti-6A1-4V Alloys 93
J.I. Qazi, O.N. Senkov and F.H. (Sam) Froes

Kintetics of Decomposition of Martensite in Ti-6Al-4V-xH Alloys 101
J.I. Qazi, J. Rahim, O.N. Senkov and F.H. (Sam) Froes

Fabrication of Cost Affordable Components for US Army Systems 109
V.S. Moxson, J.I. Qazi, F. Sun, F.H. (Sam) Froes, S. BoydandJ. Montgomery

High Intergrity, Low Cost Titanium Powder Metallurgy Components 117
O.M. Ivasishin, D.G. Savvakin, V.S. Moxson, K.A. Bondareva and F.H. (Sam) Froes

Titanium Powder Injection Molding - A Cost Effective Alternative 129
F.H. (Sam) Froes, J. Lombardi, L. LaVoie, J. Fravel and M. Godfrey

Cold Spray Process for Cost-Sensitive Applications 137
A.N. Papyrin

Laser Induced In-Situ Formation of Ti/TiN Composite 151
Y. Tang, L. Lu, Y.H.J. Fuh, Y.S. Wong M. Gupta and C.H Ng


Dispersion Strengthening of Ti-48Al-2Cr-2Nb Alloy with A12Y409 Particles 159
P.B. Trivedi, E.G. Baburaj, S.N. Patankar and F.H. (Sam) Froes

Processing and Properties of Titanium Aluminide-Ceramic Particulate Composite Materials 167
D.L. Zhang, Z.H. Cai, J. Liang and G Adam

Fabrication of TiNiCu Shape Memory Alloy from Elemental Powders 179
Z. Qifei, X. Shuisheng and Y. Guanshen

Thermal Stability of Alumina Mold Against Molten Ti-Al Alloys 185
M-G Kim, S-Y. Sung, H-K. Kim, J-L, Lee and Y-J. Kim

In-Situ Synthesis of Al-Ti-C Master Alloy Grain Refiners by Different Methods 193
B.Q. Zhang, H.S. Fang, L. Lu and M.O. Lai

Fabrication of Cu-Based Functional Parts by Direct Laser Sintering 203
HH Zhu, L. Lu andJ.YH Fuh

Synthesis of Ti5Si3 and Ti5Si3-2Mo Alloys 211
F-S. Sun, C. Draney and F.H. (Sam) Froes

Author Index 227

Subject Index 229