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High-Powered Investing All-in-One For Dummies, 2nd Edition



High-Powered Investing All-in-One For Dummies, 2nd Edition

Consumer Dummies

ISBN: 978-1-118-75613-3 December 2013 744 Pages


Your key to success in high-end investments

Looking for help making smarter, more profitable high-end investment decisions? Why buy 13 books that cover each of the major topics you need to understand, when High-Powered Investing All-In-One For Dummies gives you 13 expert guides for the price of one?

This hands-on resource arms you with an arsenal of advanced investing techniques for everything from stocks and futures to options and exchange-traded funds. You'll find out how to trade on the FOREX market, evaluate annuities, choose the right commodities, and buy into hedge funds. Plus, you'll get up to speed on using business fundamentals and technical analysis to help you make smarter decisions and maximize your returns. You'll also find ways to be as aggressive as your personality and bank account allow, without taking foolish or excessive risks.

  • Updated compilation is targeted at readers who already have a basic understanding of investing principles and who are looking for a reference to help them build a diversified portfolio
  • Offers a succinct framework and expert advice to help you make solid decisions and confidently invest in the marketplace

The key to expanding your investment opportunities successfully is information. Whether you're just beginning to explore more advanced investing or have been dabbling in it for a while, High-Powered Investing All-In-One For Dummies gives you the information, strategies, and techniques you need to make your financial dreams come true.

Introduction 1

Book I: Getting Started with High-Powered Investing 5

Chapter 1: What Every Investor Should Know 7

Chapter 2: Playing the Market: Stocks and Bonds 21

Chapter 3: Getting to Know Mutual Funds and ETFs 47

Chapter 4: All about Annuities 73

Book II: Futures and Options 87

Chapter 1: Futures and Options Fundamentals 89

Chapter 2: Being a Savvy Futures and Options Trader 107

Chapter 3: Basic Trading Strategies 121

Chapter 4: Advanced Speculation Strategies 135

Book III: Commodities 155

Chapter 1: Getting an Overview of Commodities 157

Chapter 2: Adding Commodities to Your Portfolio 171

Chapter 3: The Power House: Making Money in Energy 183

Chapter 4: Pedal to the Metal: Investing in Metals 203

Chapter 5: Down on the Farm: Trading Agricultural Products 219

Book IV: Foreign Currency Trading 231

Chapter 1: Your Forex Need-to-Know Guide 233

Chapter 2: Major and Minor Currency Pairs 255

Chapter 3: Gathering and Interpreting Economic Data 279

Chapter 4: Advice for Successful Forex Trading 293

Chapter 5: Putting Your Trading Plan in Action 305

Book V: Hedge Funds 319

Chapter 1: Getting the 411 on Hedge Funds 321

Chapter 2: Taking the Plunge with Hedge Funds 337

Chapter 3: A Potpourri of Hedge Fund Strategies 353

Chapter 4: Evaluating Hedge Fund Performance 373

Book VI: Emerging Markets 385

Chapter 1: Introducing Emerging Market Investing 387

Chapter 2: A Guided Tour through the World’s Emerging Markets 403

Chapter 3: Picking Bonds, Stocks, and Mutual Funds in Emerging Markets 419

Chapter 4: High Finance in Emerging Markets 435

Book VII: Value Investing 445

Chapter 1: An Introduction to Value Investing 447

Chapter 2: A Value Investor’s Guide to Financial Statements 457

Chapter 3: Using Ratios as a Valuation Tool 479

Chapter 4: Valuing a Business 491

Book VIII: Socially Responsible Investing 517

Chapter 1: Making Your Investments Match Your Values 519

Chapter 2: The Socially Responsible Enterprise: Evaluating Companies 527

Chapter 3: Introducing the Islamic Capital Market 545

Chapter 4: Managing Assets in Islamic Investments 557

Book IX: Crowdfund Investing 573

Chapter 1: Getting the Lowdown on Crowdfund Investing 575

Chapter 2: Evaluating Crowdfund Investing Opportunities 583

Chapter 3: Committing Your Capital and Adding Value 595

Book X: Technical Analysis 615

Chapter 1: Wrapping Your Brain around Technical Analysis 617

Chapter 2: Bars and Bar Reading 633

Chapter 3: Charting the Market with Candlesticks 649

Chapter 4: Seeing Patterns and Drawing Trendlines 659

Chapter 5: Transforming Techniques into Trades 675

Index 693