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High-Pressure Research in Mineral Physics: A Volume in Honor of Syun-iti Akimoto

High-Pressure Research in Mineral Physics: A Volume in Honor of Syun-iti Akimoto

Murli H. Manghnani (Editor), Yasuhiko Syono (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-118-66412-4 March 2013 American Geophysical Union 486 Pages


Published by the American Geophysical Union as part of the Geophysical Monograph Series, Volume 39.

In recognition of the profound contributions made by Professor Syun-iti Akimoto in high pressure-high temperature research, which have enhanced our understanding of the earth's interior, and for his tireless efforts in furthering the U.S.-Japan cooperative research program, it is most fitting to dedicate this volume to him. This volume in honor of Professor Akimoto is a symbol of cooperation in international science that is exemplified by his contributions.

M. H. Manghnani and Y. Syono v

A Tribute to Syun-iti Akimoto
M. H. Manghnani, Y. Syono, T. J. Ahrens, T. Yagi, and R. Jeanloz vii

High-Pressure Research in Geophysics: Past, Present, and Future
S. Akimoto 1


Large-Volume Flat Belt Apparatus
O. Fukunaga, S. Yamaoka, M. AkaishL H. Kanda, T. Osawa, O. Shimomura, T. Nagashima, and M. Yoshikawa 17

Determination of a•e Transition Pressurein Fe-V Alloy
S. Endo, N. Toyama, A. Ishibashh T. Chino, F. E. Fujita, O. Shimomura, K. Sumiyama, and Y. Tomii 29

Diamond Anvil Technology
M. Seal 35

High Precision Optical Strain Measurements at High Pressures
C. Meade and R. Jeanloz 41 

Measurements of the Lifetime of the Ruby R1 Line and Its Application to High-Temperature
and High-Pressure Calibration in the Diamond-Anvil Cell
Y. Sato-Sorensen 53

X-Ray Diamond Anvil Pressf or Structural Studies at High Pressures and High Temperatures
T. Kikegawa 61

Resistive Heating in the Diamond-Anvil Cell under Vacuum Conditions
L. C. Ming, M. H. Manghnani, and J. Balogh 69

Very High Temperature Diamond-Anvil Cell for X-Ray Diffraction: Application to the
Comparison of the Gold and Tungsten High-Temperature-High-Pressure Internal Standards
D. Schiferl, J. N. Fritz, A. I. Katz, M. Schaefer, E. F. Skelton, S. B. Qadri, L. C. Ming, and M. H. Manghnani 75


Ultrahigh-Pressure Melting of a Model Chondritic Mantle and Pyrolite Compositions
E. Ohtani 87

Experimental Study on the Phase Relations in the System Fe-Ni-O-S to 15 GPa
S. Urakawa, M. Kato, and M. Kumazawa 95

Temperature Measurements in the Laser-Heated Diamond Cell
D. L. Heinz and R. Jeanloz 113

Temperature Measurement in a Laser-Heated Diamond Cell
W. A. Bassett and M. S. Weathers 129

Experimental Phase Relations of Iron to 360 kbar, 1400 oC, Determined in an Internally Heated Diamond Anvil Appartus
H. K. Mao, P. M. Bell, and C. Hadidiacos  135


High Pressure and High Temperature Equations of State of Majorite
T. Yagi, M. Akaogi, O. Shimomura, H. Tamai, and S. Akimoto 141

PhaseD iagram of Iron Determinedb y High-Pressure/TemperaturXe -Ray Diffraction Using
Synchrotron Radiation
S. Akimoto, T. Suzuki, T. Yagi, and O. Shimomura 149

Investigation of the a-Fe-=e-Fe Phase Transition by Synchrotron Radiation
M. H. Manghnani, L. C. Ming, and N. Nakagiri 155

Study of bcc-hcp Iron Phase Transition by Synchrotron Radiation
E. Huang, W. A. Bassett, and P. Tao 165

Internally-Heated Diamond-Anvil Cell: Phase Diagram and P-V-T of Iron
R. Boehler, M. Nicol, and M. L. Johnson 173

The Kinetics of the Pressure Induced Olivine-Spinel Phase Transition Mg2GeO4
G. Will and J. Lauterjung 177

EXAFS and XANES Study under Pressure
O. Shimomura and T. Kawamura 187

A New Technique to Measure the Viscosity and Density of Silicate Melts at High
M. Kanzaki, K. Kurita, T. Fujii, T. Kato, O. Shimomura, and S. Akimoto 195


Suppression of Spontaneous Nucleation and Seeded Growth of Diamond
M. Wakatsuki and  K. J. Takano 203

Phase Diagram of MgSiO3 at Pressures up to 24 GPa and Temperatures up to 22000C: Phase
Stability and Properties of Tetragonal
Garnet H. Sawamoto 209

Ultrahigh-Pressure Phase Transformations and the Constitution of the Deep Mantle
E. ho and E. Takahashi 221

Phase Transformations in Primitive MORB and Pyrolite Compositions to 25 GPa and Some
GeophysicaI lmplications
T. Irifune and A. E. Ringwood 231

The Activation Energy of the Back Transformation of Silicate Perovskite to Enstatite
Knittle and R. Jeanloz 243

Pyroxene-Garnet Transformation: Thermochemistry and Elasticity of Garnet Solid Solutions,
and Application to a Pyrolite Mantle
M. Akaogi, A. Navrotsky, T. Yagi, and S. Akimoto 251

Silicate and Germanate Garnets, Ilmenites and Perovskites: Thermochemistry, Lattice Vibrations, and Spectroscopy
A. Navrotsky 261

Thermodynamic Aspects of Phase Boundary among a-, B-, and y-Mg2SiO4
T. Ashida, S. Kume, and E. Ito 269

Physico-Chemical Properties of Olivine and Spinel Solid Solutions in the System Mg2SiO4
H. Wantabe  275


Crystal Structure of MgF2 and FeF2 under High Pressure
N. Nakagiri, M. H. Manghnani, Y. H. Kim, and L. C. Ming 281

The Interrelationship of Thermodynamic Properties Obtained by the Piston-Cylinder High
Pressure Experiments and RPR High Temperature Experiments for NaC1
O.L. Anderson, and S. Yamamoto 289

High Pressure Raman and X-Ray Studies of Sulfur and Its New Phase Transition
L. Wang, Y. Zhao, R. Lu, Y. Meng, Y. Fan, H. Luo, Q. Cui, and G. Zou 299

Computer-Experimental Synthesis of Silica with the a-PbO2 Structure
Y. Matsui and K. Kawamura 305

Theoretical Study of the Structural Properties and Equations of State of MgSiO3 and CaSiO3
Perovskites: Implications for Lower Mantle Composition
G. H. Wolf and M. S. T. Bukowinski 313


Raman SpectroscopicS tudies at High Temperaturesa nd High Pressures: Application to
Determination of P-T Diagram of ZrO2
H. Arashi 335

Raman and Reflection Spectra of Pyrite System under High Pressure
N. Mori and H. Takahashi 341

Pressure Dependence of Raman Spectra of SiO2 Polymorphs: a-Quartz, Coesite, and
R. J. Hemley 347

Polyhedral Bulk Moduli from High-Pressure Crystal Field Spectra
R. G. Burns 361


Thermodynamics for (Mg,Fe)2SiO4 from the Hugoniot
J. M. Brown, M.D. Furnish, and R. G. McQueen 373

Shock-Induced Phase Transitions in Rutile Single Crystal
Y. Syono, K. Kusaba, M. Kikuchi, K. Fukuoka, and T. Goto 385

The Temperature of Shock Compressed Iron
J. D. Bass, B. Svendsen, and T. J. Ahrens 393

Optical Radiation from Shock-Compressed Materials and Interfaces
B. Svendsen, T. J. Ahrens, and J. D. Bass 403


Mineralogy of Mantle Peridotite along a Model Geotherm up to 700 km Depth
Takahashi and E. Ito 427

Mineral Physics Constraints on a Uniform Mantle Composition
D. J. Weidner and E. Ito 439

Error Analysis of Parameter-Fitting in Equations of State for Mantle Minerals
H. K. Mao, and J. A. Xu 447

Seismic Anisotropy Due to Lattice Preferred Orientation of Minerals' Kinematic or
S. Karato 455

Structure of the Mantle Wedge and Volcanic Activities in the Island Arcs
Y. Ida 473

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