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High Temperature Ceramic Matrix Composites 8



High Temperature Ceramic Matrix Composites 8

Litong Zhang (Editor), Dongliang Jiang (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-118-93300-8 June 2014 720 Pages

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This proceedings contains 78 papers from the 8th International Conference on High Temperature Ceramic Matrix Composites, held September 22-26, 2013 in Xi'an, Shaanxi, China. Chapters include:
  • Ceramic Genome, Computational Modeling, and Design
  • Advanced Ceramic Fibers, Interfaces, and Interphases
  • Nanocomposite Materials and Systems
  • Polymer Derived Ceramics and Composites
  • Fiber Reinforced Ceramic MatrixComposites
  • Carbon-Carbon Composites: Materials, Systems, and Applications
  • Ultra High Temperature Ceramics and MAX Phase Materials
  • Thermal and Environmental Barrier Coatings

Introduction xiii

Preface xv

Symposia Organizers xvii


Design of New Gradient Cemented Carbides and Hard Coatings
through Ceramic Genome 3
Weibin Zhang, Yong Du, Li Chen, Yingbiao Peng, Peng Zhou, Weimin Chen, Kaiming Cheng, Lijun Zhang, Wen Xie, Guanghua Wen, and Shequan Wang

The Effects of Nesting and Stacking Sequence on the Structural and Gas Transport Properties of Plain Woven Composites during Chemical Vapor Infiltration Process 15
Kang Guan, Laifei Cheng, Qingfeng Zeng, Yunfang Liu, Haitao Ren, and Litong Zhang

An Efficient Approach to Determine the Effective Properties of Random Heterogeneous Materials 23
Yatao Wu and Yufeng Nie

Contribution of Image Processing Techniques to the Simulation of Chemical Vapor Infiltration of SiC in CMCs 29
G. L. Vignoles, C. ChapoullIé, W. Ros, C. Mulat, G. Couégnat, C. Germain, J.-P. Da Costa, M. Cataldi, and C. Descamps

Image-Based Numerical Simulation of Thermal Expansion in C/C Composites 39
Olivier Caty, Guillaume Couégnat, Morgan Charron, Thomas Agulhon, and Gerard Louis Vignoles

Analysis and Molecular Modeling of Pyrolytic Carbons Nanotextures 45
Jean-Marc Leyssale, Baptiste Farbos, Jean-Pierre Da Costa, Patrick Weisbecker, Georges Chollon, and Gerard Louis Vignoles

A New Kinetic Monte-CarloA/olume-of-Fluid Solver for the Anisotropic Surface Recession of C/C Composites by Ablation 55
A. Delehouzé, G. L. Vignoles, J.-F. Epherre, and F. Rebillat

Numerical Simulation of Oxidation-Assisted Failure of CMC-SiC at Intermediate Temperature 65
Yingjie Xu and Weihong Zhang


Suppression of a-AI203 Formation from Alumina Gel Fibers by Urea-Catalyzed TEOS-Derived Silica 79
Jing He and Lifu Chen

Ceramix Matrix Microcomposites Prepared by P-RCVD within the (Ti-Si-B-C) System 91
Sylvain Jacques

Fabrication and Properties of Zr/SiC and Zr/Si3N4 Laminated Composites 99
Liangjun Li, Laifei Cheng, Shangwu Fan, YuPeng Xie, and Litong Zhang

Silicon Carbide Fibers Made from Nano-Powders 105
Antoine Malinge, Yann Le Petitcorps, and Rene Pailler

Composition and Reactivity of Various Silicon Carbide Fibers 113
S. Mazerat, G. Puyoo, G. Chollon, F. Teyssandier, and R. Pailler

The Investigation of Pyrolytic Coating on Carbon Monofilament by Cold Wall CVD using Ethanol as Precursor 125
Song Zhao, Yonghui Zhang, Zhichao Xiao, Junming Su, and Lang Liu


Carbon Nanotube-Reinforced Ceramic Matrix Composites: Processing and Properties 133
Konstantinos G. Dassios

Fabrication of ZAO Ceramic Target and Effect on the Photoelectric Properties of Its Film 159
Meikang Han, Jueming Yang, Xiaowei Yin, and Jianping Li

Mechanical Properties of Carbon Nanotube Reinforced Composites: A Review 167
Qianglai Bai, Hui Mei, Tianming Ji, Yuyao Sun, Haiqing Li, and Laifei Cheng

Effect of the Electrodeposition Parameters on Deposition Morphologies of CNTs on Carbon Fibers 179
Hui Mei, Huwei Wang, Haiqing Li, Hui Ding, Nan Zhang, Yuetang Wang, Qianglai Bai, and Laifei Cheng

Microstructure and Growth Mechanism of SiC Whiskers Synthesized by Carbothermal Reduction of Silicon Nitride 185
Ying Zhang, Junzhan Zhang, Mingxue Jiang, and Minsheng Liu


High Temperature Dielectric and Microwave Absorption Properties of Polymer Derived SiCN Ceramic in X Band 195
Quan Li, Xiaowei Yin, Luo Kong, Wenyan Duan, Litong Zhang, and Laifei Cheng

SiCN-Nanowhiskers Self-Reinforcing CMC Quasi-3D Structure Forming by PIP 203
I. A. Timofeev, O. G. Ryzhova, P. A. Timofeev, S. V. Zhukova, and K. V. Mikhailovski

Ablation Behavior of C/C-ZrB2-SiC Carbon-Ceramic Composites 209
Xiang-Li Meng, Lian-Sheng Yan, Hong Cui, Xing Yang, and Qiang Zhang


Effect of Heat Exposure on the Flexural Strength of Reinforced Carbon and Glass Fibers Geopolymer Matrix Composites 219
Sotya Astutiningsih, Yulianto Sulistyo Nugroho, Shankar M. L. Sastry, and Dwi Marta Nurjaya

Reaction Mechanism of Titanium with Carbon during Reactive Melt Infiltration of a Carbon Fiber Reinforced TiC and Carbon Composite 227
Shuxin Bai, Yonggang Tong, Hong Zhang, and Yicong Ye

Modelling the Behavior of CMC using Damage Mechanics 237
Emmanuel Baranger

MMS Technology: First Results and Prospects 243
Evgeniy Bogachev, Anton Lakhin, and Anatoly Timofeev

Effect of Oxidation Damage on the Total Emissivity of 2D C/SiC Composites 255
Fuyuan Wang, Laifei Cheng, and Litong Zhang

Effect of Water Vapor on the Oxidation Behavior of CVD-BCX 261
Weihua Zhang, Laifei Cheng, Yongsheng Liu, and Xin'gang Luan

Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of the 2D C/SiC/TC4 Joints Brazed with Cu-Ti + Mo 271
Hongmei Yang, Shangwu Fan, Xing Wang, LaiFei Cheng, and Litong Zhang

Uniaxial Macro-Mechanical Property and Failure Analysis of a 2D-Woven SiC/SiC Composite 279
Hongbao Guo, Bo Wang, and Chengpeng Yang

A Biaxial Flexural Test for Short Carbon Fiber-Reinforced SiC-Matrix Composites 287
Shuqi Guo

C/C-SiC Materials based on Melt Infiltration —Manufacturing Methods and Experiences from Serial Production 295
Bemhard Heidenreich, Severin Hofmann, Markus Keck, Raouf Jemmali, Martin FrieB, and Dietmar Koch

Internal Friction Behavior of SiC Ceramics Subjected to Water Vapor Corrosion 311
Zhiliang Hong, Laifei Cheng, Chunnian Zhao, Xiufeng Han, Litong Zhang, and Yiguang Wang

Fatigue Behavior of C/SiC Ceramic Matrix Composites at Room and Elevated Temperatures 317
Longbiao Li and Yingdong Song

The Effects Originated from Low Earth Orbit Thermal Cycling and Atomic Oxygen on C/SiC Composites 327
Bi-feng Zhang, Song Wang, Wei Li, and Zhao-hui Chen

Processing and Properties of the C/SiBCN Ceramic Matrix Composites Prepared by PIP 335
Wei Liu, Lamei Cao, Caihong Xu, Ling Wang, and Xiaosu Yi

Analysis and Characterization of Amorphous Boron Carbide Coatings Deposited from BCI3-CH4-H2 Mixtures 345
Yongsheng Liu, Nan Chai, Litong Zhang, and Laifei Cheng

Chemical Vapor Deposition of Boron-Doped Carbon Coating from BCI3-C3H6-H2-Ar Gas Mixture 357
Yongsheng Liu, JiaJia Wan, Litong Zhang, and Laifei Cheng

Preparation and Mechanical Properties of 3D-Cf/Mullite Composites Fabricated by Sol-Gel Process 371
Kewei Dai, Haijun Peng, Qingsong Ma, and Haitao Liu

An Alternative to Ceramic Matrix Composites 377
S. T. Mileiko, N.I. Novokhatskaya, Yu. N. Shmotin, D.V. Karelin, and S.A. Grlshikhin

Fabrication of Short Fiber Reinforced SiCN by Injection Molding of Preceramic Polymers 381
A. Muller-Kohn, J. Janik, A. Neubrand, H. Klemm, T. Morltz, and A. Michaelis

X-CVI (with X = I or P), a Unique Process for the Engineering and Infiltration of the Interphase in SiC-Matrix Composites: An Overview 391
R. Naslain, R. Pailler, F. Langlais, A. Guette, and S. Jacques

Temperature Effect on C/SiC Composite with SiC Nanowires Grown In Situ 403
Bingbing Pei, Yunzhou Zhu, and Zhengren Huang

Evaluation of Different Carbon Precursors for the Liquid Silicon Infiltration Process 409
Kristina Roder, Andreas Todt, Daisy Nestler, and Bernhard Wielage

Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of C/C-SiC Composites Reinforced with Fibers Treated at Elevated Temperatures 417
J. J. Sha, J. X. Dai, Z. F. Zhang, Z. Q. Wei, J. Li, J-M. Hausherr, and W. Krenkel

Oxidation Behavior of C/C-SiC Composites with Varied Matrix Composition 425
J. X. Dai, J. J. Sha, Z. F. Zhang, J-M. Hausherr, and W. Krenkel

Evaluation and Validation of Elastic Properties and a Failure Criterion for an Oxide Wound Ceramic Composite Material 433
Yuan Shi, Severin Hofmann, Stefan Hackemann, and Dietmar Koch

Mechanical and Ablation Properties of Ultra-High Temperature Composites with a Variable Matrix-Composition 443
Chenglong Hu, Shengyang Pang, Sufang Tang, Shijun Wang, and Hongtao Huang


Effects of Preform Structures on Rhenium Coating Prepared on C/C Composites by Chemical Vapor Deposition 453
Jiangfan Wang, Shuxin Bai, Hong Zhang, and Yicong Ye

Application Status of C/C Composites for Thermal Protection System in Re-Entry Spacecraft 461
Sun Guoling and Zhou Ji

Techniques about Fabrication of Thin-Wall Preforms with Complex Shape for Ceramic Composites 465
Lingling Ji, Alin Ji, Xia Bai, and Lingling Wang

Carbon/Carbon Greenbodies for Space Mirrors and Their Thermal Performance 473
Jin Li, Hong Cui, and Ruizhen Li

Oxidation Behavior of SiC Reinforced ZrB2 Composite Coating Prepared by Low Pressure Plasma Spray 481
Cui Hu, Yaran Niu, Hong Li, Xuebin Zheng, Chuanxian Ding, and Jinliang Sun

Structural Analysis of Carbon-Fiber/Pyrolytic Carbon Matrix Composites 487
Boris Reznik

Preparation of p-Sialon Anti-Oxidation Ceramic Coating for C/C Composites and Infrared Stealthy Characteristic 491
Yang Wang and Zhaofeng Chen


Effect of Carbon Content on the Formation of Ti3SiC2 in the Liquid Silicon Infiltration Process 501
Xiaomeng Fan, Xiaowei Yin, Lei Wang, Litong Zhang, and Laifei Cheng

Modification of Titanium Carbide Powders by Silicidation with Gaseous SiO 509
Elena Istomina, Pavel Istomin, Alexander Nadutkin, and Vladislav Grass

Combustion Synthesis of Ti3SiC2-Based Ceramic Matrix Composites Using Non-Powder Reactant Solids 515
Pavel Istomin, Alexander Nadutkin, and Vladislav Grass

Microstructure Evolution of a-SiC in the Liquid Phase Sintering Process 523
Hanqin Liang, Xiumin Yao, Xuejian Liu, and Zhengren Huang

Mechanical Properties and Thermal Shock Resistance of Anisotropic ZrB2-SiC-Graphite Ceramic 529
Lingling Wang, Jun Liang, and Xiaoyang Wan

Ablation Behavior of ZrB2/SiC Composite by Oxyacetylene Flame 535
Mingfu Wang, Facheng Liu, Qin Wang, and Xuesong Ma

Synthesis of ZrC-ZrB2 Composite Powders by PIRAC Method 541
Shoujun Wu, Yiguang Wang, and Danming Gui


Formation of Fine Ceramics Layer and Intermetallics Network by Thermal Nanoparticles Spraying and Pattering 549
Soshu Kirihara

Formation of Inter-splat Bonding and Intra-splat Microstructure during Plasma Spraying of Ceramic Coating 557
Chang-Jiu Li, Er-Juan Yang, Guan-Jun Yang, and Cheng-Xin Li

Preparation and Ablation Properties of ZrC-TaC Co-Deposition Coating for Carbon-Carbon Composites 569
Guo-dong Li, Min Wu, Xiang Xiong, Ya-lei Wang, and Gang-yi Yang

Phase Stabilities and Corrosion/Recession Properties of Rare Earth Silicates under High Speed Steam Jet 579
Shunkichi Ueno, Hua-Tay Lin, and Tatsuki Ohji


Wettability in Joining of Advanced Ceramics and Composites: Issues and Challenges 591
Rajiv Asthana, and Natalia Sobczak

Study on the Ablation Behavior of 3D Needled C/SiC in the Rocket Combustion Environments 601
Chao Chen, Bo Chen, Litong Zhang, Laifei Cheng, and Xiaoying Liu

The Degradation of Hi-Nicalon Monofilament after Proton Irradiation 607
Xiaochong Liu, Laifei Cheng, Litong Zhang, Xiaowei Yin, Bo Chen, Qing Zhang, and Ning Dong

Damage Evaluation in Glass-Ceramic Matrix Composites Via Combined Infrared Thermography and Acoustic Emission 615
Konstantinos G. Dassios, Evangelos Z. Kordatos, Dimitris G. Aggelis, and Theodore E. Matikas

Hybrid Ceramic—Metallic Composite Pipes for High Temperature Power Plant Application 633
Min Huang, Karl Berreth, and Karl Maile

An Experimental Investigation on Shear Behaviors of Single-Lap Four-Pin 2D C/SiC Joints 639
Yi Zhang, Litong Zhang, Xiaoying Liu, Yongsheng Liu, and Bo Chen

The Effect of Dimension Parameters on the Tensile Properties of a C/SiC Pipe 645
Hui Mei, Lidong Zhang, Zhenye Xu, and Laifei Cheng

The Application Research of New Testing Technique on Mechanical Experiment for Large-Size CMC Structure 653
Zhiyong Tan, Xujun Zhan, and Xu Han

Joining of Glassy Carbon with a C/C-SiC Composite by Brazing for an Innovative High Temperature Sensor 661
Andreas Todt, Kristina Roder, Daisy Nestler, and Bernhard Wielage

Strengthening/Toughening of Laminated (SiCw+SiCp)/SiC Ceramic Composites 669
Yupeng Xie, Laifei Cheng, Jie Jian, Yanan Xie, and Litong Zhang

Mechanical Properties of Carbon/Silicon Carbide Composites Materials Bolts 675
Donglin Zhao, Litong Zhang, Laifei Cheng, and Xiang Chen

Development of Full Scale Ramjet Nozzle with C/SiC Ceramic Matrix Composite 681
Riheng Zheng, Zhiyong Li, Jingmin Chen, Lihan Li, Jianmei Li, Litong Zhang, Laifei Cheng, Xiaoying Liu, Chao Chen, and Hui Mei

Author Index 695