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High Temperature Glass Melt Property Database for Process Modeling



High Temperature Glass Melt Property Database for Process Modeling

Thomas P. Seward III (Editor), Terese Vascott (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-574-98225-1 September 2005 291 Pages


This book is the result of a study to develop a high-temperature melt properties database with sufficient comprehensiveness and reliability to allow mathematical modeling of glass melting and forming processes for improved product quality, improved efficiency and lessened environmental impact. The study was initiated by the U.S. glass industry through the National Science Foundation Industry/University Center for Glass Research at Alfred University (CGR) and funded in part by a grant from the U.S. Department of Energy's Industrial Technologies Program.

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This item: High Temperature Glass Melt Property Database for Process Modeling

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Commercial and Statistically Designed Glass Composition (T. Vascott and T.P. Seward III).

Gas Solubility and Water Diffusion in Glasses and Melts of Commercial Compositions (J.E. Shelby).

Water Diffusion (J.E. Shelby).

Solubility and Diffusion of SO3 in Soda-Lime-Silicate Glass Melts at High Temperatures (O.A. Prokhorenko).

Radiative Thermal Conductivity of Melts (O.A. Prokhorenko).

The Measurement of the Density and Surface Tension of Glass Melts Using the Sessile Drop Method (A.G. Clare, A. Kucuk, D.R. Wing, and L.E. Jones).

Viscosity of Commercial Glasses (A. Fluegel, A.K. Varshneya, J.E. Shelby, P. Hrma, C.A. See, O.P. Lam, K.B.C. Minister).

High-Temperature Viscosity of Commercial Glasses (P. Hrma, C.A. See, O.P. Lam, K.B.C. Minister).

Parallel Plate Viscometry (A. Fluegel and A.K. Varshneya).

Transformation Range Viscosity Measurements (J.E. Shelby).

Electrical Resistivity (A.K. Varshneya, T. Vascott, R. Karuppanan and J.M. Jones).

Statistical Analysis of Viscosity, Electrical Resistivity, and Further Glass Melt Properties (A. Fluegel, D.A. Earl, A.K. Varshneya and D. Öksoy).

Summary (T.P. Seward III).

Appendix I. Glass Properties (J.E. Shelby).

Appendix II. Glass Compositions in Mol %.

Appendix III. Units, Conversions, and Molecular Weights.