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High-Throughput Screening in Drug Discovery


Backed by leading authorities, this is a professional guide to successful compound screening in pharmaceutical research and chemical biology, including the chemoinformatic tools needed for correct data evaluation. Chapter authors from leading pharmaceutical companies as well as from Harvard University discuss such factors as chemical genetics, binding, cell-based and biochemical assays, the efficient use of compound libraries and data mining using cell-based assay results.
For both academics and professionals in the pharma and biotech industries working on small molecule screening.
Chemical Genetics (C. Shamu, Harvard University)
High-Throughput Screening for Targeted Drug Discovery (J. Hüser, Bayer Healthcare)
Laboratory Automation (J. Comley, Cambridge, UK)
Cell-based Assays (J. Hüser, Bayer HealthCare))
Biochemical Assays (W. Mallender, Millennium Pharmaceuticals)
High-Content Screening (P. Lipp, University of Homburg/Saar)
Handling and Management of Primary Assay Data (H. Gubler, Novartis Pharma)
Chemoinformatic Tools for HTS Data Analysis (S. Mundt, Bayer HealthCare)
Combinatorial Chemistry and High-throughput Screening (R.A. Smith and N. Griebenow, Bayer HealthCare)
Data Mining Using Cell-Based Assay Results (J. Caldwell, Novartis Institute)