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Higher-Order Processing in the Visual System

Higher-Order Processing in the Visual System

Gregory R. Bock (Editor), Jamie A. Goode (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-470-51462-7

Apr 2008

256 pages



Foremost neurophysiologists and psychophysicists provide pertinent information on the nature of representation at the earliest stages as this will constrain the disposition of all subsequent processing. This processing is discussed in several different types of visual perception.
Partial table of contents:

Physiology, Morphology and Spatial Densities of Identified Ganglion Cell Types in Primate Retina (D. Dacey).

Linearity and Non-Linearity in Cortical Receptive Fields (R. Shapley).

Non-Linear Dynamics of Columns of Cat Visual Cortex Revealed by Simulation and Experiment (H. Spekreijse, et al.).

Computational Analysis of Early Visual Mechanisms (R. Watt).

From Filters to Features: Location, Orientation, Contrast and Blur (M. Georgeson).

Collator Units: Second-Stage Orientational Filters (B. Moulden).

Non-Fourier Motion Analysis (C. Chubb, et al.).

Implications of Motion Detection for Early Non-Linearities (A. Derrington & G. Henning).

Common Properties of Visual Segmentation (H.-C.


A Computational Model for Shape from Texture (J. Malik & R. Rosenholtz).

Non-Linearities in Texture Segregation (N. Graham).