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Histopathological Image Analysis

Histopathological Image Analysis

Metin N. Gurcan

ISBN: 978-1-119-09913-0

Dec 2019

256 pages

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Histopathological digital imaging is a new, but rapidly developing imaging modality. As it becomes more common, there is a great demand to analyze images generated by this modality.  Yet, books on medical image analysis focus mostly on images generated by radiological imaging modalities. While radiological and histopathological image analysis share many similarities, fundamental differences arise in image types, sizes, content and scale. Analysis techniques developed for radiology cannot be easily applied to histopathological images.

This book will provide readers with a good understanding of the specifics of how histopathological images are generated and how these images are then analysed. It will also look to the open problems and future directions in this area. The book will be an introductory guide to the topic of histopathological image analysis and will explain the fundamental concepts, supplemented by numerous examples.