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Historical Geology Lab Manual

Pamela J. W. Gore

ISBN: 978-1-118-54381-8 May 2014 336 Pages

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This lab manual is accessible to science and nonscience majors and also provides a strong back­ground for geology and other science majors. Concepts carry over from one lab to the next and are reinforced so that at the end of the semester, the students have experience at interpreting the rock record and an understanding of how the process of science works.

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Lab 1: Relative Dating

Lab 2: Rocks and Minerals

Lab 3: Weathering of Rocks and the Formation of Sediment

Lab 4: Sedimentary Rocks

Lab 5: Sedimentary Structures

Lab 6: Depositional Sedimentary Environments

Lab 7: Stratigraphy and Lithologic Correlation

Lab 8: Fossils on the Internet

Lab 9: Microfossils and Introduction to the Tree of Life

Lab 10: Invertebrate Macrofossils and Classification of Organisms

Lab 11: Fossil Preservation and Trace Fossils

Lab 12: The Evolution of the Vertebrates

Background History and Acknowledgments

  • The chapter on Relative Dating gives the student experience with using basic geologic principles for determining the sequence of geo­logic events, a topic that is typically presented in the first few chapters of histori­cal geology lecture textbooks.
  • The chapter on Rocks and Minerals provides a quick introduction to the minerals and rocks most commonly encountered in a first geology course, as well as a quick review for students who have previously completed physical geology lab.
  • Subsequent labs deal with Rock Weathering and Interpretation of Sedi­ments, Sedimentary Rocks, and Sedimentary Structures.
  • Students learn to interpret processes acting in the depositional basin, and then they interpret Depositional Sedi­mentary Environments based on rock types and sedimentary structures.
  • Students also learn Stratigraphy and Lithologic Correlation and how to interpret sea-level change in the rock record.